Logan Paul Talks Floyd Mayweather fight

YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Logan Paul joins this week’s FOOD TRUCK DIARIES, a segment under SHOWTIME Sports’ digital talk show and podcast series BELOW THE BELT WITH BRENDAN SCHAUB to preview his highly touted February 2021 boxing exhibition against all-time great Floyd Mayweather.

Paul details to Schaub how the Mayweather bout came to fruition, explains where his love and passion for boxing came from, and speculates on a potential clash with his brother and fellow pro boxer Jake Paul, who scored a viral sensation over former NBA star Nate Robinson last month.

Following are excerpts from the episode:

On how the fight with Floyd Mayweather came about…

Paul – “I signed [the contract] and then after just months and months going back and forth, figuring out dates – we had three different dates – and how to announce it and just the strategy behind it. It finally came to fruition, and this event that supersedes everything I’ve ever done in my life finally solidified.”

On his boxing skills and last fight against KSI…

Paul – “I think we surprise a lot of people. It’s what I’ve done my whole life. I’ve just exceeded expectations, and I don’t think there’s anything online that represents how good I am or the level at which I’m operating at this point in my life when it comes to boxing.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Logan Paul - Press Room

I think my last fight wasn’t indicative in the slightest. I remember after it happened, bro, the bell rang at the sixth round, and I had half a tank left…Something didn’t click that day…A year later, after an ‘L,’ you secure a fight with the biggest fighter on the planet. It never really felt like a loss.”

On the rules of the Mayweather bout…

Paul – “I don’t think there’s weight as of now. If they make me drop weight, I’ll be pissed. I’ll make a thing about it. I’ll f***ing complain about it and sh*t. That’s the thing. The greatest boxer of all time faces the young behemoth. I’m going in there, and I’m towering over this dude, and that’s what makes it exciting. It’s David vs. Goliath.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Logan Paul - Press Room

On a potential fight with his brother, Jake…

Paul – “My dad does not want us to do that. If you want my opinion, I think it’s inevitable. I think Jake and I in two to four years are going to be beating the sh*t out of each other in a ring, and I think it’ll be one of the most historical sporting events to take place ever.”

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