Hosea Burton ready for next weekend’s #GoldenContract quarter-finals

Burton (24-1, 11 KOs) takes his place in the eight-man tournament that kicks off at the Brentwood Centre on December 14 – broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK in association with Matchroom Boxing and on ESPN+ in the US in association with Top Rank.

As he gears up for his second fight of the year, Burton is ready to unleash the frustration of being avoided by the big names.

Burton said: “Winning this tournament would put my career back to where it should have been three years ago, so this is a must-win tournament.

“This will put me where I need to be. I’ve been ducked and avoided for three years now and this will be big for me.

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“It’s exciting now the line-up is complete and I just can’t wait for it all to happen. It’s not an easy tournament because there are a few dangerous names in there, but I’m more than capable of winning it.

“At the end of this tournament, there’s a huge contract. What lies beyond this tournament for me will be big nights and world title fights either here or in America.

“That’s what I want out of this and that’s what’s going to happen.”


MTK Global is delighted to announce the first list of fighters that will be competing in the light-heavyweight edition of the exciting Golden Contract tournament.

Former British champion Hosea Burton, unbeaten WBO European champion and WBO no. 12 Steven Ward, and former WBC International champion Serge Michel will all be part of the line-up, with even more huge names set to be announced.

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The winner of each tournament will land a two-year, five-fight deal that guarantees six-figure purses for every fight along with global exposure.

To add to the excitement, fighters will not know their opponents until fight week, at the start of which the highly anticipated draws will be made. All titles held will be on the line in each fight and knockout bonuses are also on offer.

Burton (24-1, 11 KOs) is the former British champion and has won all but one of his 25 fights, picking up impressive knockout wins over Miles Shinkwin, Jahmaine Smyle, Fernando Castaneda and Ratu Latianara during his career.

Burton said:

“I’m the best light-heavyweight in Great Britain, and the reason I’m entering this Golden Contract tournament is because I’m also the most avoided light-heavyweight in Great Britain.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to get some fights and get some exposure, and once I win this competition I’ll move on to big things.”

Unbeaten Ward (12-0, 4 KOs) is ranked #12 by the WBO heads into the tournament on the back of his recent fight of the year contender with Conroy, where Ward came out on top after an incredible back and forth battle.

Ward said:

“I feel this is a massive opportunity. There haven’t been tournaments like this before, and it’s a tournament I feel I can win due to my amateur background.

“As an amateur you’re used to showing up and fighting guys on a few hours’ notice from the weigh-in. With this you only find out who you’ll face the week of the fight, so it’s very exciting. There are some massive rewards on offer at the end.”

Michel (8-1, 6 KOs) has displayed impressive knockout power in his career so far, as shown when he stopped Sheldon Lawrence inside three rounds to win the WBC International title in October.

Michel said:

“I’m from Germany and a former Olympian and I’m more than ready to win this tournament.”

Three quarter-finals nights will take place in October / November, three semi-finals nights in February / March and the all-important finals will be staged in May / June.

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Stay tuned for further announcements of which fighters will compete in the tournaments along with official dates and locations of the events.