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News: Tyrone McKenna; Liam Williams; Kirstine Shergold

Tyrone McKenna may have been overwhelmed by praise and support since Saturday’s narrow and brutal defeat to Jack Catterall but never wants to taste defeat again.

‘The Mighty Celt’ overcame an early onslaught from WBO-ranked Catterall and came on strong in the latter stages of a brutal contest in Belfast – eventually losing out on a close but unanimous decision.

The home fighter’s defiance in the face of an impressive Catterall brought deafening roars from all four corners of a packed SSE Arena and with millions watching on BT Sport, the public reaction to McKenna’s first professional defeat has been purely positive.

McKenna (16-1-1-KO6) said: “Everyone is showing a lot of love. I’ve never had so many messages. Everyone is telling me I’m a warrior, that I proved my level and that they can’t wait to see me fight again.

“The feedback has been great and I’m really grateful for it all. The fact remains that getting beaten isn’t ideal and hopefully it’ll be the last time it ever happens.

“I’ll give Jack great credit – nobody has hit me as hard as he did in those first two rounds. After that, either I adjusted to it or he got a little weaker, but he’s very good and hard to hit clean in return. He has a weird stance.

“I’ve always known I was tough. In sparring I get battered early and then come on strong. I knew I’d start slowly against Jack and then come in to the fight in the latter stages.

“I have more courage than I thought. I took some heavy, heavy shots in there and laughed them off and came back. My corner was considering pulling me out at one stage but there was no way I was going to let that happen.

“I’m left with nine stitches and six staples but fights like that just make me want to fight every week.”

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Liam Williams welcomes change of scenery with Ingle

Welsh light-middleweight Liam Williams is already feeling the benefits of travelling to Sheffield to train with Dominic Ingle.

The former British, European and Commonwealth king made the move from former trainer Gary Lockett last month and after several weeks in his new environment, has reflected on the decision.

Williams (17-2-1-KO12) said: “It’s good for me. There’s a lot of temptation in Wales. It’s not so much about drinking but in terms of going out with my mates and eating.

“When you do things like that and eat poorly when you’re in camp, it makes things so much more difficult. I hadn’t been enjoying boxing like I should be when I was in the gym either.

“I feel revitalised now with all these new faces, new routines and workouts. It’s good to change things up and it’s given me a new lease of life.

“Everyone at Ingle’s has been really welcoming. I’m friendly with all the boys already and they’ve been great to me.

“I still don’t have a place of my own and it gets lonely sometimes when I’m sat in the hotel. I miss my girlfriend and my daughter obviously but they support my decision and it’ll all pay off in the end I’m sure.

“I feel a lot better on the pads already. I’m mixing things up working with Dom and I can’t wait to spar to test out the improvements.”

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World Honours Await BCB Veteran Shergold

BCB’s Kirstine Shergold challenges for world honours this weekend when she takes on GBU and WIBF Super Featherweight World Champion, Kallia Kourouni.

The 37 year-old from Devon (5-6) returned to action with a point win in April after a six year absence.

She takes on Greece-born Kourouni (9-1) who is dubbed the Pink Tyson. Kourouni returns to the ring with a new team as the co-feature on Siesta Boxing Promotions’ ‘Battle at Bracknell’ on Sunday, 8th July at Leisure Centre in Bracknell.

“It’s a big opportunity for Shergold,” BCB’s Head of Boxing, Errol Johnson said. “She looked good in her ring return and still has plenty left in the tank. I think she can cause an upset. We are confident.”

Shergold has gone the distance with WBC champions Delfine Persoon (Lightweight) and Eva Wahlstrom (Super Featherweight) and is coming off that April victory over UK prospect Bec Connolly.