Letter to the WBC from Yessica “Kika” Chavez

I want to use this space in an honest way, as even today it is hard to find the right words that describe the emotions that I feel since that historic Saturday night where I had the great privilege of kissing the World Boxing Council Flyweight belt.

In that very moment where I kissed it, I remembered the words that a great person told me once, may he Rest in Peace, “Don José Sulaimán”. I remember with a lot of joy when he told me of the great pride he felt when I kissed the WBC Light flyweight Silver belt championship. Those words made a great impression on me, forcing me to consider with great responsibility my will to be a World Champion.

Being a World Champion is the dream that every single boxer has since he/she started boxing. It was the dream of that young lady, of that little kid, named Yessica Chavez. That dream is fulfilled today fortunately, in the first place due to my Parents and by my great Teacher, “Don Nacho Beristain.”

I want to thank Mr. Mauricio Sulaiman, a great man who’s heir to the humanity of his Father. I also want to thank my people, all of who always support Kika inside the ring. For them I fight!

Every single time I wrap up my gloves to train, I do it thinking of the great pride I feel for being a female boxer. Every singe time people turn their sight on me and towards female boxing, I am very glad to see the quality that the fighter showed in every card. That’s something for sure we owe to Don Jose Sulaiman. Thank you.

To those young ladies and dreamers, I want to tell you to not throw the towel and don’t stop chasing your dreams. “Kika” is not better than you, I started my career with the same fear, with the same deficiencies. To you, I want to stress that the only difference between you and me is that I was born some years before.

Thank You

Yessica “Kika” Chavez.