Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions Card on Sept 29 in Charlotte

Lamarco Ellis Continues To Chase His Boxing Dream

Wilson, North Carolina (September 24) – Lamarco “The Bull” Ellis recognizes his focus wasn’t as strong as it should have been when he started fighting. But, Ellis has had good and bad experiences in boxing which have helped him gain a new focus so he can continue to chase his boxing dream September 29th on the Vegas grand Boxing Promotions’ card.

Ellis started boxing at three hundred and forty pounds. He is down to a fighting weight of two hundred and eighty-four pounds. He has always dreamed of becoming the heavyweight champ, but he is finally putting his dream into action. “When I first started, I wasn’t really focused. It was just something to do, but when I started winning and traveling to different types of places. It was something I always wanted to do. I just never took the chance to do it. I waited this long to do it,” said Ellis.

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Ellis is a self-described “average dude” from Wilson, NC but his work inside the ring is anything but average. His straight-ahead, toe to toe, brawling style has earned him the nickname “The Bull.” Ellis has a granite chin and a big heart. When he comes into the ring, you can expect an exciting Heavyweight fight. Trained by the legendary corner man, Skip Crumpler, Ellis is slowly refining his skills and conditioning and on September 29th he is ready to show off the work he has been putting in the gym: “On September 29th, I’m ready. I ain’t never said I’d beat anybody, but this fight right here man, I’ll be ready. I’ll be focused. In a trance. I don’t see the audience just boxing. We gonna fight. It is gonna be an all-out war. I’m not the main event, but they are gonna talk about me like I was the main event.”…Lamarco Ellis


Michael Williams Jr. Is 150% Focused On Winning September 29th In Charlotte, NC

Michael Williams Jr. is a big-time boxing talent with a laid back but commanding personality. As Williams Jr. continues plowing through opponents and building his brand, he is assembling a loyal fan base and has picked up some jealous, vocal detractors along the way. Regardless of the attention, the undefeated North Carolina boxing phenom is 150% focused on winning September 29th at the Extravaganza Event Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Williams Jr. 7-0 (6 KO’s) is a 19-year-old kid. While most 19-year-olds would be chasing women, playing video games, and making youthful mistakes, Williams Jr. is not an ordinary kid. After seven months of professional boxing, Williams Jr. has strong sponsorship from Jawbreakers and MatchBout, a tremendous team, unwavering support from his family, especially his dad, and he gets special training from one of the greatest fighters of all time, Roy Jones Jr. Williams Jr. is up early in the morning running three or four miles, he then goes to an afternoon training session led by Roy Jones Jr, and he attends a night session led by Jones Jr. Jones Jr. is a hands-on leader teaching Williams Jr. to work work work without a break and to push through fatigue and pain to be a champion.

Michael Williams Sr. isn’t shy about his commitment to his son, and he, more than Jr, wears his heart on his sleeve, especially when it comes to all of the jealous, negative attention his son entices. “This brings us closer. The way we are moving Mike Jr. If everyone would stop the hate, and compare what he has done with other fighters. Look at his boxrec and compare to anyone. No one has seen a fighter inside North Carolina move like this in years. It looks uncommon to them. It looks unreal. When people say we are moving Mike Jr. too fast, that is crazy. No one is saying that about Ryan Garcia or Devin Haney. There are a lot of people giving their opinions, but nobody has a world champion in North Carolina. Nobody has moved a fighter like Mike Jr, so how can they make these assumptions? It is crazy! We hear it and Mike Jr hears it. Don’t look at who my son is fighting against. Look at who he is sparring. Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson. Real hard hitting dudes that push Mike Jr. We do that because we know there will come a time when Mike Jr. is put into the ring with some killers, and we have to be ready for it. This is a business. We have to build our brand, and he is supposed to knock these guys out. But, that doesn’t mean Mike Jr. can’t fight,” says Williams Sr.

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Williams Jr. recognizes the blessings of his current situation, and he is thankful to GOD and grateful to all his supporters for what he has accomplished so far. Williams Jr’s reflection on all of the positives in his life inside and outside the ring make you understand why one-day he will be a world champion as well as a bona fide superstar: “I work hard for it. I thank GOD for what I have, but I sit back and have to say, I do train hard for this. It isn’t like anything was given to me. My training and my fights show it. It is a blessing, but I still have to do my part. On September 29th, I am going to stay focused and just win!”…Michael Williams Jr.


When Stephen Dailey Jr. first fought in North Carolina, he felt like he didn’t bring all of his tools, especially his jab. This time, “The Uzi” is back, and he returns to Charlotte with all of his tools September 29th on the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ Card.

Dailey Jr. is a confident young man and quick to tell you “I am calm and collected. I am slick and quick. I like to put on a good show. I’m flashy, but if you mess up, I’m going to make you pay for it.” Dailey Jr is a former high school football player. The six-foot-tall wide receiver had dreams to play pro football, but things changed. A rough upbringing and the need to defend himself led the quick and athletic Dailey Jr. to the boxing ring.

Dailey Jr. has taken the lessons of his athletic past and used them as tools for survival inside and outside the ring. The greatest lesson he has learned is pushing through the pain. Inside the ring, Dailey Jr. believes boxing is the toughest and most grueling sport on your body and finding a way to mentally focus on your goal and overcoming the pain is tough. Outside the ring, life has been equally tough for Dailey Jr, and the month of September brings him an enormous emotional challenge. Dailey Jr’s birthday is September 20th, his mother passed away four days before his birthday on September 16th, and his mother’s birthday is September 29th. While the month of September could be crippling to the average person, Dailey Jr. is finding a way to channel his emotions. “Pushing through the pain in everything. Boxing is a very very dangerous sport. Pushing your self to the limit. The longer you can go the better you will be. On September 29th, I’m taking all my emotions and putting it into the ring. I have been working hard in training camp. I’m going to put it all into the ring. I hope to go out there, show exactly what I’m planning to do, and give all glory to her.”

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Dailey Jr. has a strong support group and owes a lot to his grandma, father, and Brian Lee. He is also thankful to Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions for giving him another opportunity to shine on September 29th. Unable to contain his excitement, Dailey Jr. left fans with the following message, “On September 29th, The Uzi will stand tall at the end of the fight. Uzi is winning this one. I promise you that. The Uzi is back!”


Buck Courson has a special connection with Charlotte, North Carolina, so when he brings his heavyweight boxing skills back to the Queen City, it will be lights, camera, and nothing but heavyweight action on the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ Card.

Courson 2-1 (2 KO’s) grew up playing football but his love for the sport of boxing began his sophomore year in high school when a friend publicly dared him to join a local gym. “I had a friend passing out flyers to join a local boxing gym, and he came to me and in front of everyone, he told me to come by sometime so he can beat me up. I was asked in front of the class, so I had to say yes. Six years later and I was one of the few still going,” said Courson. Courson went on to have a stellar amateur career fighting in 42 amateur fights. He did well in the Junior Olympics, but his style and training with accomplished Professional boxer Lee Fortune were more suited for the pro style of fighting.

Courson is a boxer-puncher who loves to work behind his jab and can shoot it high and low. Courson mixes speed with power, and he loves to work inside and throw combinations. His two professional wins have been by first-round KO. Fans, who are seeing “Big Buck” fight for the first time better not blink and they better not assume anything. “I love the Charlotte fans and they should expect a good heavyweight with boxing ability who is going to come and set things up. To the eye, I look very unassuming, but when they see me get in there and work, they should expect the unexpected. I always perform better when the lights are on!” …Buck Courson


Edvis Galloway is driven by a recurring dream where he is jumping rope in front of 50,000 fans, Floyd Mayweather Jr is training him, and the late cutman Rafael Garcia is wiping sweat and encouraging him. Galloway’s dad stands nearby, smiling and giving his son full approval for the hard work he is doing. The dream motivates Galloway to use boxing to become a champion and re-unite family.

In 2002, a young Galloway made a trip to Chicago, Illinois to see his father for the third time in his life. Galloway’s father took his son to a Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis fight party hosted by former NBA referee Joey Crawford. Galloway’s father proudly introduced Edvis as his son to friends, but it was the way the attendees and his father were so into boxing that inspired Galloway to become a boxer. “I was so happy how my dad introduced me to his friends at the party but watching how they were all so into boxing, Mike Tyson, and the fight just moved me. As soon as I got home from the trip, I told my mom I wanted to box. Ever since then every time I get into the ring, I think everyone is here to see me. I also think if this is the way to bring my family together then I’m gonna keep doing it bigger and better every time. My dad came from Chicago for my pro debut and Roy Jones Jr. was there. The people were going crazy, so I had a great debut. They might not have been there for me, but they knew me after,” said an excited Edvis Galloway.

Galloway 1-0 (1 KO) is dedicated to becoming a world champion. He is working full time with legendary trainer Don Turner. Turner runs a no-nonsense training camp which requires Galloway to be away from home for months at a time. Galloway wakes up early to complete a long morning run before a mandatory breakfast is served at 8 AM sharp. “If you are late, you don’t eat,” said Galloway. Galloway gets a short break and then trains until lunch is served promptly at noon. After lunch, they get a break where they have limited access to the internet, and then they are right back to training. “I am to the point now where I eat, sleep, and shit boxing. I love it so much I’m to the point where I don’t want to go home for too long and I spend my free time shadow boxing, thinking boxing strategy, and focusing on my dream. All work from me. On September 29th, I’m treating my opponent like he is the best in the world. I am on the bottom rung of the ladder, so I have a lot to prove. All hands on deck September 29th. HOD baby. I have a lot to prove and do!” …Edvis Galloway.


Chordale “The Gift” Booker has been given a second chance in life, and he doesn’t want to waste it on himself. Booker is committed to raising his brand awareness and helping others. He understands the only way to do that is by staying busy and seizing opportunities in as many places as possible. When the undefeated rising PBC star was offered a fight in North Carolina, Booker was more than excited to bring his gift to the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ September 29th card at The Extravaganza Events Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Booker 12-0 (6 KO’s) will be fighting for the fifth time in 2018. Booker’s most recent fight was a hard-fought split decision win over a very game Ve Shawn Owens. The fight took place September 8th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on the undercard of the Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia WBC championship fight. Ask Booker about his busy schedule, and he is a little disappointed. “I’d like to be busier than what I am. I’d like more. I want to be in a better place when it comes to boxing being able to fight top guys at 154 and 160. I don’t want to waste a lot of time-fighting guys who aren’t challenging or can’t get me to the top level. I want to keep fighting and stay busy until I can fight guys who have big names or who I can get on TV against, so I can beat them and show people I am that good,” says Booker.

Booker had a superb amateur boxing career, and he caught the eye of Premier Boxing Champions. Since turning pro, he has been fighting on the PBC platform. In his sixth professional fight against Moshea Aleem, Booker fought on national TV. Before the bright lights and boxing, a teenage Booker faced some serious legal troubles. Booker was able to overcome the legal troubles and has dedicated his life to boxing and helping others. Booker’s life is well chronicled in the popular documentary titled “The Boxer.” “I know I am blessed. I have a second chance, and I’m not going to waste it. I want to do things and give back. I’m going to use my second chance and make sure it is spent helping people and not just for myself,” said Booker.

Booker spends his life as a boxer and a trainer at Revolution Training gym in Stamford, CT. He trains and coaches the youth group in his community. He is currently working to create his own foundation which will provide the youth with various opportunities to succeed. Booker’s message to all young people is to take advantage of your youth. “The sky is the limit for them because they have youth on their side. They can take advantage of being young and fearless and set their own limits,” says Booker.

Booker, who was a member of the only championship team at Stamford High (Basketball 2009), wants as many people as possible to learn his story and understand who he is, what he has been through, that he is human like everyone else, and he has to deal with his own ups and downs.

Booker is excited to fight in Charlotte, North Carolina so fans can experience “The Gift.” “Fans in North Carolina come and meet a young, explosive guy on the rise. You can say you saw me first or you met me when, because I’m going to be on top. I’m going to be a world champion. I’m going to be the next great fighter!”…Chrodale “The Gift” Booker.


Lei’D Tapa is confident, not cocky. She challenges herself to focus on her training and how to best execute her coach’s plan which is to go in the ring, fight, and knock out her opponent. She is well prepared so Lei’D Tapa can confidently say, “Expect a knockout September 29th on the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ card!”

Lei’D Tapa A.K.A. Seini Draugh 2-0 (2 KO’s) is the “Queen of The Rings.” Lei’D Tapa has mastered wrestling, MMA, and now boxing. A star volleyball and basketball player in high school, Lei’D Tapa accepted a scholarship to play volleyball in college. After completing college, she played professional women’s football. While Lei’D Tapa loved playing football, she weighed the risk-reward on her body and decided to ask her famous wrestling uncle known as “The Barbarian” how to get into wrestling. The rest is history as Lei’D Tapa became famous wrestling on Impact and WWE shows

Lei’D Tapa’s love for combat sports has led her to compete in multiple sports. She recently won a Jijitsu tournament in Las Vegas. A lack of opponents in the MMA heavyweight division has forced her to primarily compete in boxing, so she is grateful to Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions for finding her an opponent and having her on the September 29th card.

Lei’D Tapa, who is of Tsonga descent, is driven to inspire others and in boxing, she wants to bring glamour and recognition to the women’s heavyweight division so the next generation of females can have more options. Lei’D Tapa wants all females to live by her mantra: “To be you and be great. Be the best you can be because it will lead you to achieve your greatness,”…Lei’D Tapa.

On September 29th, Lei’D Tapa will compete inside the boxing ring on the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ card. She will be ready to go. Fans can expect a knockout and a “Surprise” ring entrance that will be out of this world.

Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions presents a night of powerful professional boxing Saturday, September 29, 2018, at The Extravaganza located at 1610 N Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. Doors open at 5:30 PM. First Fight at 6:30 PM.

This must-see event will have an added punch when United States Military rivalries are renewed and nasty rivals JacQuan “Da King” Townes and Miree “The Pink Panther” Coleman do battle in a fight billed “Marine vs. Army” for the WBF Cruiserweight Silver International title.

Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ September 29th card will also include WBL Super-Middleweight title fight featuring undefeated KO artist David “GOD’s Warrior” Griffith. Stay tuned to Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions’ Social Media for detailed updates.

Tickets to the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions event are priced at $40 for General Admission and $60 for Ringside/VIP. Tickets are available online by going to – Tickets can also be purchased by calling (980) 230-5059