Kane Baker’s learning curve continues

Kane Baker’s learning curve will continue when the game Brummie steps through the ropes again at the Venue in Dudley next month.

Baker came into professional boxing from the unlicensed game last year and has reeled off two points victories over experienced opponents, writes Craig Birch.

His first success came over Dan Carr, who has 90 paid bouts under his belt, before beating the most experienced pro in the country, Kristian Laight, who has boxed 261 times.

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Baker, who didn’t drop a round in either contest, now looks to make it a hat-trick of successes at welterweight on Saturday April 8 back at the Venue, where he defeated Laight in November.

In the other corner will be Yaddollah Ghasemi, Iranian-born but now based in Birmingham, where Baker resides in Bartley Green.

Baker, 26, is happy with his current role as a student of the sweet science and is learning on the job, having first laced on the gloves on the ‘white collar’ circuit.

He said: “All of them, from the ones I’ve had and in the future, are good learning fights for me. It’s minutes and rounds in the bag and there’s loads you can pick up from different opponents.

“I’m still learning the trade and it would be nice to finish the year with a six-rounder, but I would never look past my next test.

“I have no amateur experience, just the 25 unlicensed bouts I had and they were all over a couple of years, which is a short space of time really.

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“You can’t buy the sort of pedigree that an amateur career can provide, so I’ve got to take my time and get a proper grounding.

“The difference between the unlicensed and pro game is unbelievable, you think you can do it but it took a lot for me to turn over.

“I was born with a good heart and a fighting ethic plus I’ve got a good chin, those sort of things get me through. We are working on skills in the gym that I’ve never done before, too.

“You can’t compare unlicensed to pro boxing and I know that now. It’s a totally different league. Had I not developed as I have, I wouldn’t last a round.”

Baker, debutant Shaun Cooper and Ryan Aston take part in four-round bouts on the card, with Tyler Denny and Andrew Robinson featuring over six.

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Tickets, priced at £35 and £50 ringside with waitress service, are available now by calling Kane directly on 07799 633 579. Alternatively, contact him on Facebook.

Shaun Cooper Pro Boxing Debut

Shaun Cooper believes he’ll be where he belongs when he makes his professional boxing debut in the Black Country next month.

Cooper first punches for pay on the ‘New Beginnings’ show at the Venue in Dudley on Saturday April 8 and will feature in the lightweight division, writes Craig Birch.

The 22-year-old graduates from Walsall Wood Boxing Club in his hometown and won four area titles in England Boxing competition, also reaching a Schools Championship national semi-final.

Cooper reckons he could have achieved more in his 43 amateur contests, although he also thinks his skills are more transferable to the pro game.

He said: “I’m so excited to make my debut and I just want to get in there and do the business. Everyone used to tell me in the amateurs my style was more suited to being a pro.

“I feel like it’s my turn and the people that come to watch me fight will see different things, because I’m taking this seriously.

“I could have done more in the amateurs, but now I’m going to prove people wrong. I want to be up there and doing my best, getting somewhere in the sport.

“I’ve had bad decisions go against me in the past, so I don’t want to be leaving it in the judges’ hands anymore. I’ll be trying to take my opponents out.”

He will be managed and trained by Jon Pegg in Birmingham, along with sessions back at Walsall Wood. He rubs shoulders with the likes of Sam Eggington and Frankie Gavin in Pegg’s gym.

Cooper said: “I’ve been training with Sam, I haven’t sparred with him yet but I would love to. He’s told me to work hard, because it all pays off in the end. You can see that from him.”

Cooper, Kane Baker and Ryan Aston feature in four-round bouts on the card, with Tyler Denny and Andrew Robinson featuring over six.

Tickets, priced at £35 and £50 ringside with waitress service, are available now by calling Shaun directly on 07872 429 921. Alternatively, contact him on Facebook.