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Judgement in Golden Boy vs Alan Haymon

Statement from Michael Williams (Haymon lawyer) – On behalf of our clients, Haymon Sports, LLC and its CEO, Alan Haymon, we are very pleased with the decision of the Court to grant summary judgment and dismiss all of the meritless claims filed by Golden Boy Promotions. The Court’s ruling makes clear that the efforts by Haymon Sports were intended to, and actually did, increase competition in the boxing industry, to the benefit of the boxers, other promoters, and the fans.

Golden Boy’s invocation of the Ali Act — which the Court recognized exists to protect boxers, not promoters – was especially hypocritical given that the Court cited evidence that confirms Haymon Sports has consistently looked to protect the interests of its boxers against one-sided and oppressive promoter contracts.

Any decline in Golden Boy’s business cannot be attributed to the hard work and legal activities of my clients. We remain disappointed that Golden Boy chose to use the court system to try and stifle lawful competition and make false and unsupported accusation about my clients.