Jordan Shimmell is moving up in the rankings

After his most recent victory on February 27, 2016, Jordan Shimmell, 20-1 with 16 KOs, has been moving up in the rankings. Jordan is currently #13 in the IBF world rankings and #1 in the USBA USA rankings. Jordan is looking forward to another fight in the next few months and hopes a victory in that bout will propel him to a top 5 world ranking and a shot at a world title.

Jordan Shimmell turned pro less than 4 years ago and quickly moved up the rankings. Jordan has a very high knockout percentage of 76% but of Jordan’s 20 victories only 2 bouts went the distance. Two opponents were getting hurt by Jordan’s punches and deliberately fouled Jordan repeatedly so they would get disqualified rather than knocked out. Had those two bouts been ruled TKO’s instead of DQ’s with a referee waiving the fight off when the opponent was hurt rather than disqualifying him, Jordan would have 18 knockouts out of his 20 victories. Jordan has quick footwork and quick punches but he also has very hard power punches including devastating body punches.

Jordan has been training hard while waiting for his next bout to get scheduled. He is sparring undefeated pro cruiserweights and heavyweights and also some top super-middleweights and light-heavyweights to work on his own speed against the lighter boxers. He will often spar 10 or more rounds against 3 or 4 sparring partners who alternate every couple of rounds so they stay “fresh” in order to push their pace while sparring Jordan. The hard work Jordan consistently puts in at the gym should pay big dividends in the future.

Besides Jordan Shimmell’s #13 IBF world ranking, he is also ranked #46 in the world by the IBO. Besides being ranked #1 in the United States by the USBA, Jordan is also in the top 15 in the rankings published by the NABA, NABF and NABO organizations. Jordan is one of the top cruiserweight prospects in the world.

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