Jesse Hart vs. Dashon Johnson named 2016 Philly Fight of the Year

On the brink of his first shot at a world title, super middleweight Jesse Hart commented on his March 18, 2016 fight against Dashon Johnson, which was named the “Philly Fight of the Year”.

“That’s what it deserves,” Hart said about his 10-round thriller against Johnson. “I gave blood sweat and tears.”

Hart was generally in control in the fight, but had to battle back from the Californian’s aggressive rushes that had him in trouble in round six and on the floor in round ten. Hart climbed to his feet and went on to win the decision after ten exciting rounds. It was a memorable fight on a great night of Philly boxing.

“I showed a tremendous amount of heart,” Hart said. “It was a war. I was prepared to die. I won that fight on heart. I had to dig down to the pit of my soul – dig down deep to find it, and to get it.”

On October 15th, Hart and Johnson will be honored at the 10th Annual Briscoe Awards for their excellent fight and the page in Philly boxing history that they created together.
Of course, first on Hart’s mind is his chance to win the WBO super middleweight championship Friday night in Tucson, AZ.


The Briscoe Awards are named in honor of legendary Philly middleweight Bennie Briscoe and the trophies given away – the Briscoe Statue and the Briscoe Medal – all bear the deceased icon’s likeness. The event brings together the local boxing community, including the award winners, their families, past and present boxers, fight fans, other boxing people, and general sports fans.

This is the tenth year for the Briscoe Awards, which are presented by Philly Boxing History Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to preserving and celebrating Philadelphia’s great boxing legacy. Past winners at the Briscoe Awards include Bernard Hopkins, Danny Garcia, Steve Cunningham, and many others.

The event returns to Xfinity Live! Philadelphia, the central hub of Philly’s sports stadiums, located at 1100 Pattison Avenue in South Philadelphia. Admission is $5, and tickets can be purchased at or by calling 609-377-6413. Everyone is welcome.