Jean Pascal to face Roberto Bolonti on Dec 6

Jean Pascal (29-2-1, 17 K.-O.), will combat Argentina’s Roberto Bolonti (35-3-0, 24 K.-O.), instead of Donovan George (25-4-2, 22 K-.O.) next December 6, at the Bell Centre. This decision was taken after careful consideration following long negotiations with Donovan’s team. Boxing fans will also be thrilled by the undercard, which features locals Shiller Hyppolite (13-1-0, 9 K-.O.), Steven Butler (8- 0-0, 7 K-.O) and Ulysse Jr (4-0-0, 3 K-.O), among others.

Early on in the renegotiations, InterBox enquired about Roberto Bolonti’s interest in going up against Québec’s Jean Pascal, so Bolonti’s team has been ready from the beginning – only awaiting a positive response from InterBox. The Argentinian, who has been training hard for the last two months, is motivated and looking forward to taking on the considerable challenge.

“There comes a time when negotiations have to stop and you’ve got to move forward. Pascal vs. Bolonti was a scenario we’d already considered, and we think it’s the right one. Plus, it’s important for Jean Pascal to fight so he can direct his career,” explained Jean Bédard.

“This time, I was lucky to have a good, long-term training camp for combat outside Argentina. It would have been a shame not to have the opportunity to fight. Although his style is different than Bute’s, Pascal is just as big a challenge for me,” commented Roberto Bolonti.

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So, these two fighters who were going to be in the ring with other opponents on the same evening, will – in the end – fight each other in a grand finale at the Bell Centre. Though they lost their respective adversaries, Jean Pascal and Roberto Bolonti are both eager to win. Roberto ‘the Beast’ Bolonti comes to the fight with imposing experience: 35 wins including 24 by knockout.

A striking undercard

Steven Butler vs. TBC Never having been beaten, Steven ‘Bang-Bang’ Butler (8-0-0, 7 K.-O) is definitely a rising star in the boxing world. This former Canadian senior champion, who will be in the ninth fight of his career, has been pretty busy since he started professional boxing on March 28 of this year.

Shiller Hyppolite vs. Norbert Nemesapati ‘Batman’ had to pass on his fight scheduled for November 21 in Sorel-Tracy, as his adversary bowed out. Now Montrealers have a chance to see him strut his stuff in the ring; this time against Norbert Nemesapati (15-1-0, 14 K.-O.). Shiller has also made it clear he’s gunning to take on Bolonti soon.

Joel Diaz Jr vs. Pedro Navarrete The protégé of the Jean Pascal Promotions stable, Joel Diaz Jr (17-0-0, 13 K-.O.), will weigh-in on Canadiens’ territory for the first time, against Mexico’s Pedro Navarrete (28-19-3, 17 K-O.).

Bogdan Dinu vs. Mickael Vieira The scion of Stéphan Larouche and InterBox, now settled in Montréal with his family, will be concentrating on keeping his perfect record when he goes up against Frenchman Mickael Vieira (14- 4-0, 7 K.-O.).

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Ulysse Jr vs. Lukasz Janik Poland’s Lukasz Janik (12-7-1, 6 K-O.), having already gone up against Jo Jo Dan, will be fighting the so-far-unbeaten boxer known for his lightning fists: Ulysse Jr (4-0-0, 3 K.-O.).
David Lemieux vs. Gabriel Rosado Then there’s the H-U-G-E HD screen at the Bell Centre, which will be streaming the NABF middleweight title defence… pitting David Lemieux (32-0-0 K-.O.) against Gabriel Rosado (21-8-0,13 K.-O.)

Zewski InterBox is currently awaiting confirmation that Mikaël Zweski will be at the Bell Centre on December 6, rather than in Vegas.

Tickets on sale Tickets for the December 6, 2014 boxing gala are available at; by phone at 1-855-310-2525 or at the Club de Boxe Champion 514.376.0980.

Pay-per-view The December 6 card, excluding the David Lemieux fight, is also available as PPV on Indigo and Bell in both English and French. Rogers, Shaw and SaskTel will be showing the event in English only, on PPV.