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Iron Boy 19 Boxer Edgar Brito Fights for Fans, Wounded Warrior Project

With a maturity uncharacteristic of a twenty year old, Edgar Brito (3-0-1, 2KO) will walk into the ring on February 28th with the weight of his family, fans and two cities on his shoulders. Boxing since he was thirteen years old, Brito takes to heart the time and money his father/trainer Edgar Sr. has spent to advance his son’s boxing career over the years. “He’s spent all of his money helping me to get to this point in my career. He’s my trainer, and my loudest supporter at my fights,” said Brito of his father. As in most father-son/trainer-trainee relationships, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Said Brito, “Sometimes we get along great, and sometimes we want to jump in the ring and beat each other up.”

The two meet daily at Brito’s Boxing Gym in Downtown Glendale. “I grew up, and now train, live and work here in Glendale,” said Brito, who, in addition to boxing, works full time as an Insurance Agent. “I feel like the hometown fighter here. My posters are up at various businesses around town, and I’m often stopped for photos. I have a lot of supporters here. My clients and their friends, and people around the city buy tickets from me and support me each time I fight. I want to make sure they get their money’s worth – they are buying tickets, taking their time to drive to Celebrity Theatre and support me. I sell each ticket personally, and feel very motivated to put on a good show for each and every supporter.”

Across the US-Mexico border, in Brito’s hometown of Cuernavaca, Morelos, a small wave of supporters grows with each fight. Businesses throughout the town put up posters of their hometown fighter, and Brito honors the state of Morelos with a patch on his trunks. Brito doesn’t like to talk about immigrating to the US, as it is a contentious topic for many in Arizona. As a non-citizen, he was unable to compete in national tournaments in the United States, potentially limiting his exposure to big name promoters. With the introduction of the US’ DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, Brito has the opportunity to work and live in the US, and presses forward in his professional career. Brito signed with Arizona-based Iron Boy Promotions in 2013, and has since fought all four of his professional fights with the growing promotional company.

A staunch supporter of the US Military, Brito plans to donate a portion of his purse to the Wounded Warrior Project, whose logo adorns his trunks each fight. Many of his friends joined the military after high school, and found themselves deployed to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. One in particular inspired Brito’s commitment to the Wounded Warrior Project. “One of my closest friends returned from multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq after having been shot, and having had a grenade explode near his position,” said Brito. “He has physical scars – a finger that doesn’t work, shrapnel embedded in his body. He returned with PTSD, having flashbacks of combat, and just really struggled. The Wounded Warrior Project helped him more than any other organization, getting him physical therapy and the counseling he needed.” Brito’s promoter, Iron Boy Promotions, plans to match his contribution to the organization.

Brito returns to the ring February 28th in a rematch with Jesus Pacheco, who he faced in his third professional fight last April. Like many boxers, Brito maintains an extremely high standard for himself, and wasn’t satisfied with the result of their first encounter. “It was a really hard fight for me,” said Brito of the match. “I got a pretty nasty cut. I’m not making excuses, but that definitely tripped me out. I wasn’t happy when they announced that I won via split decision.” Brito has made adjustments since the first bout, and expects a more advantageous outcome. “This is my chance to redeem myself. I have become more of a defensive fighter, and gotten my timing down better. I’ll be coming into the ring to take his head off.” Those are fighting words, coming from a fighter motivated by his obligation to his fans, family and the cities of Glendale and Cuernavaca.

Brito fights February 28th at Iron Boy 19 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are priced $30, 50 and 65 and are available at or at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office.