PPV scenario for Pac and Floyd if ‘Super Fight’ won’t happen

Why a fifth bout between Pacquiao and Marquez is all of a sudden being raised as though it needs to happen tomorrow? What does Dinamita’s win yesterday mean to boxing? Why any fights that will be lined up for Pac and Floyd at this time versus different foes, however appealing they may seem, would be unwise and PPV wrecks unless they face each other first?

Juan Manuel Marquez has just dominated Mike Alvarado for a unanimous nod from the judges. But how will it affect Manny Pacquiao’s looming battle versus Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Does it have any bearing to muddle the issue? Nothing, except that jerks are making sounds that are out of tune again.

Aside from jerks, are there more “analysts” who have healthy brains to contradict Muhammad Ali, the majority of fans and true aficionados in believing that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have only each other to fight next?

A fifth meeting with Marquez and a rematch with Marcos Maidana are indeed intriguing matchups for Pacquiao and Mayweather in the future. But will the promoters be hopelessly foolish to heed jerks and ignore sanity again? Will they be willing to forgo reason and profit from such productions by insisting to stage them prior to the most lucrative, loudly clamored and long-awaited Mega Bout between Pac and Floyd? Can’t they read ABC or simple prognosis?

If not for trickiness, why alibis are meant to be forever? So why then it is imperative that we defy looking forward to the Mega Bout as being the fight “after another fight” only to keep hoping against hope? Why the vicious promise has been the recurring hokum warp the sport has gotten entangled in? And why it’s precisely the reason we have reached this far with the matchup still being unable to come to fruition?
Who’s to be blamed?

Pacquiao and Mayweather versus Tarzans or Hulks prior to and outside of the Super Fight mean travesty of the sport. It’s been a long time since boxing and the fans initially yielded themselves subservient to the whims of bigwigs and obstinate regarding the “Pac-Floyd” saga, always with a swear of making the Mega Bout “next,” but just for the fans and boxing to realize in the end – it’s all false hope.

The pay-per-view sales are down for both “Pacquiao-Bradley II” and “Mayweather-Maidana” far below projections. HBO and Showtime live cable viewing for the fights didn’t do well in numbers based on the announced approximation by the producers or accurate/padded figures they are reluctant to divulge. Brats and crocs aren’t ecstatic about the grim facts that have come in.

Had the people been remiss in doing their part and had the fans, as a form of protest, failed to keep their distance from the shows, PPV result for the said events could have ballooned to more than double. What’s the handwriting on the wall?

Rematch fights usually do much better than the previous ones, yet oddly the “Pacquiao-Bradley II” did considerably less than the first bout. While a fight by a boxer immediately subsequent to his fight that garnered the second highest PPV sales in sport’s history was expected to yield numbers not distant from the aforementioned top grosser bout by the same “TBE” (“the best ever”) superstar. Yet it is unthinkable that “Mayweather-Maidana,” notwithstanding help from jerks, did much lower numbers than half of what “Mayweather vs. Alvarez” achieved.

People Power in boxing is victorious. Truth and people have prevailed. The sport has just been served. Everybody wins and gains except the paranoid or “apostates” who may even go worse for fear of losing their hold or galleries within their self-made elite kingdoms.

Lessons are meant to be learned.

Forthcoming is “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.”

Never mind the jerks.