Thomas Dulorme Sends Letter to NSAC Disputing Result of his Bout Against Jaron Ennis

Welterweight contender, Thomas Dulorme (25-6-1, 16 KOs), has officially submitted a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, disputing the result of his bout against Jaron Ennis (28-0, 26 KOs), in which he claims he was hit with an illegal rabbit punch to the back of the head. The fight took place at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Dulorme respectfully requests that the Nevada State Athletic Commission overturn the knockout loss to a no-decision due to the referee’s outcome-determinative error.

Prior the bout, the assigned in-ring referee, Mike Ortiz, instructed the fighters that a punch to the back of an opponent’s head would constitute an illegal blow subject to penalty, as codified under:

NAC 467.675 Acts constituting fouls in boxing.
The following acts constitute fouls in boxing:
12. Using a rabbit punch or otherwise striking an opponent on the back of the head, the base of the skull, or the back of the neck.

Dulorme and Ennis affirmed that they understood the rule. However, at the one-minute mark of the first round, Ennis threw a right hook that landed squarely to the back of Dulorme’s head. Despite his spirited efforts, the illegal blow rendered Dulorme dazed, unbalanced, and physically incapable of adequately defending himself against his opponent. Consequently, Dulorme was knocked down a second time 49 seconds later and could not rise to his feet before being counted out by Mr. Ortiz.

“I feel I wasn’t given the allocated time to recover by the referee, after getting hit from what was clearly an illegal rabbit punch to the back on my head, forcing me to fight at a disadvantage,” said Dulorme. “Jaron Ennis is a great fighter and I’m not taking anything away from his talent, I’m just disputing that I should have been given the allotted time to regain my composure. I’m hoping that Nevada State Athletic Commission will honor my appeal based on their rules.”

7 thoughts on “Thomas Dulorme Sends Letter to NSAC Disputing Result of his Bout Against Jaron Ennis”

  1. Mr. Mafia
    The Nevada State Athletic Commission isn’t going to do anything. Deontay Wilder got rabbit punched 30 times in the same round with a metal loaded glove, by a guy that failed his drug test.
    The fighters aren’t made of wood.

  2. Jaron Ennis knocked this Puerto Rican dude out named Thomas Dulorme and now he’s writes a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission saying that he got hit with a illegal punch by Jaron Boots Ennis from Philadelphia. Thomas Dulorme is just caught up in his feelings right now. That’s why he wrote that punk ass letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission to try to change the fight results to a no contest. What a coward move!!!!!

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