“Hitman” Hardy looks to make it 7-0 in Hartlepool

After six fights, and six victories, it is difficult to conceal the optimism surrounding Anthony Hardy’s young career.

So far, he’s managed to overcome a smorgasbord of opposition, including a few of Britain’s long-time journeymen in Matt Seawright, Ibrar Riyaz, and Jason Nesbitt. He’s also taken home victories against a couple of fellow novices in Lee Gibbons and Chris Bennett. He has yet to lose a fight, be knocked down, and he hasn’t lost a single round over the course of his last three bouts.

Naturally, he’s excited about how substantial these wins could prove to be; specifically, in the form of domestic title fights against other top prospects. These are the stepping stones, and each one no less important than the last for a 22-year-old fighter. He takes each and every one with the focus and resolve necessary to be ready for a high-level of fighter when that time comes along.

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On May 8th, Hardy looks to trim to his lightest frame in three fights’ time. At 10st/140lbs, he’s looking to hone some more amplitude to his punching power at the expense of his appetite. He will be fighting at a weight 7lbs less than that at which he fought Jason Nesbitt, and 14lbs less than the highest weight at which he’s competed as a professional.

At 5’11 in height, Anthony Hardy is already quite slender for the Welterweight division. He has plenty of years left to find the weight at which he is most comfortable. For now, all sights are set on developing where Hardy might be lacking. He’s hardly been slow at any weight class, and his craftiness in the ring has been what he has leaned on to win many of his fights.

What the “Hitman” really needs is to continue building confidence, learning to cope under pressure, and, perhaps most of all, capitalize when he hurts his opponents. He has already scored knockdowns in his professional career. The knockouts, however, have proven illusive under any circumstances. Maybe, the Junior Welterweights softer builds will be easier to topple.

Back at Junior Welterweight, his opponents shouldn’t be able to look him in the eye. Due to his physical advantages he should be keen on taking home a quick knockout — or at least a whitewash on the scorecards, right?

In his next contest, not so much.

On May 8th, Anthony Hardy does look to shed his way back to his lowest career weight. That is, against a mirror image of himself.

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His opponent, born Alexander Anderson, goes by Fonz Alexander in the ring. He’s held his own throughout his career, where he himself has excavated many of the weight classes in which fighters are able to compete. With a record featuring 3 wins and 11 defeats, one could say he’s found minimal success. He has, however, boxed eight unbeaten fighters. He also managed to stop Matt Seawright in their March 7th bout; something which Hardy couldn’t do when they fought in 2013.

That doesn’t tell the whole story. Alexander is also 5’11, and, much like Hardy, likes to incorporate a variety of offensive weapons to his style. This could be a very flashy and exciting fight, and not one being handed to Hardy if the matchmakers are granted their wish.

Hardy-Alexander will take place at the Borough Hall in Hartlepool, County Durham. If you live in the area, don’t miss what could be a potentially riveting contest on this fourteen bout card; presented by Phil Jeffries.

Tickets remain available and can be obtained by calling 07969843203, or visiting Anthony’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/anthonyhardyboxing