New Heavyweight Boxing Tourney

A revitalized approach to professional boxing will be presented “live” as The World Television Heavyweight Boxing Championship Olympic Style Tournament kicks off on Friday, November 28 and will be continued for four (4) consecutive months thereafter. Each boxing event will be broadcast “live” and will be available world-wide.

Henry (Hank) Schwartz, a well known promoter, is putting together this new Championship Boxing Tournament, which will be distributed throughout the newest available Networks to a world-wide audience. The Tournament is set to begin on November 28, 2014 and will be completed, along with the crowning of a new, real and truly World Heavyweight Champion during the Championship Event on March 27, 2015. The winner of this tournament will become the new World Boxing Federation’s World Heavyweight Champion.

There will be Sixteen (16) fighters, all well ranked and ranging from young up & comers to seasoned veterans of the professional heavyweight division, chosen as contestants to compete in The Tournament during the Preliminaries, which will be the first stage. The Winners of the Preliminarily bouts will advance to the Quarter-Finals, with those winners advancing to the Semi-Finals and then on March 27, the Final Championship Boxing Event will take place and the winner will be crowned as the NEW World Boxing Federation World Heavyweight Champion. In addition to receiving the World Boxing Federation’s World Heavyweight Title, the new Champion will also become the World Television Communications Champion and will be presented with a special “Golden Champions Belt” for becoming the Winner of The Tournament.

Schwartz who produced and promoted the TV Championship fights between Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman stated, “Pro Boxing, and especially the Heavyweight division, is one of the major sports that have not undergone any changes over the past several years. As a result of that, the Heavyweight Division has lost a major part of its audience and the support that goes along with it, which is needed in order for boxing to return to the main stream of the professional sports industry.”

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Hank continued, “The needed support and more importantly, excitement of The Heavyweight Boxing Division will return when we introduce our Heavyweight Fighters to the world during our new Tournament. The Winners, as well as the losers, will again become followed and loved by sports fans for the same reasons that Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and “Smokin” Joe Frazier were loved by boxing and all sports fans during the last Golden Era of the Heavyweight Division. We need to improve the Heavyweight Boxing Division by bringing back the fighters who want to fight and want to be the best so the Heavyweight Division gets back to the top of professional boxing. As goes the Heavyweight Division, so goes boxing. We will achieve this during our tournament and it will be done very quickly!”

The World Television Boxing Tournament will implement open scoring by the three (3) judges at ring side. Each judge’s score will be shown after every round. The scores will be revealed to both the in house and TV audiences.

The World Tournament will be staged and broadcast from the new $50 Million Convention Center Facilities located at Montego Bay Jamaica W.I. and will be broadcast worldwide through HDTV network satellites and fiber optic connections to On Demand and Pay Per View Systems as well as connected to Cable Systems and Over-The-Air sport Channels. This will generate an extra dimension of Drama and Excitement in World Television Boxing Tournament.

More information and the announcement of a press conference will be announced soon.