Good News! Pac And Floyd Retiring From Boxing (Part IV)

What’s the fuss?

Pacquiao and Mayweather will “soon” hang up their gloves and it’s nothing new, but good news anyhow because retirement seems to be the only good they can do for the sport of boxing except when they fight each other. Alas, jerks don’t see it.

The only meaningful announcement from both camps that is worth the attention of the fans and people would be the retirement of Pac and Floyd or the agreement between these two leading pound-for-pound stars for a dance showdown on the floor made of canvass, surrounded by ropes.

Why think of heaven when you delight in hell?

The lure of choosing Algieri is the deciding factor for Arum and Koncz to reject Mayweather, Marquez or Alvarez as the next opponent for Pacquiao, since Algieri is in no position to demand big purse. And the same reason as well for the Money Team why Mayweather is set to have a rematch with Maidana instead of a battle with Pacman or Thurman, mistakenly believing that their “rematch” show would fatten their wallets like no other.

The Pugilist reports hours ago as of this writing, “The gloves that boxing great Muhammad Ali wore in his legendary 1971 fight against Joe Frazier in what became known as the Fight of the Century have sold at auction for almost $400,000.” Wow, I wonder if Pac and Floyd’s gloves would even sell $400 decades after they retire without heeding the popular clamor for the Mega Bout between the two of them.

Why jerks are normally blind when their eyes are open?

It’s an established fact that earth revolves around the sun. But who won’t admit that boxing today revolves around Pacquiao and Mayweather, and for stupid reasons? Until when will you serve as conduits of Pharaoh’s whim? Break faulty mindsets and you break free from shackles and slavery.
Be good.