GB Boxers to compete in England Boxing’s Men’s Elite National Finals

ENGLAND BOXING has confirmed that one quarter-final place in each weight category at this year’s Senior Elite Men’s Finals will be reserved for a nominated English boxer from the GB Boxing squad.

The decision aims to ensure the elite finals have the strongest available field of entrants and deliver the best possible showcase of young English boxing talent.

The addition of a nominated boxer will provide an opportunity for those boxers currently outside of the GB Boxing squad to compete with and prove themselves against those that are currently part of the Olympic programme.

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The nominated entry will be selected by the GB Boxing coaches from the English boxers in the Olympic squad and will enter the tournament at the quarter-finals stage of the competition. Other members of the GB Boxing squad will also be able to enter the tournament via the normal route and represent their home club.

“Our aim is to make these the most impressive elite finals of recent years and to deliver this we want the best possible field of boxers so have agreed for one member of the GB Boxing squad at each weight to join the competition at the quarter-final stages,” explained England Boxing board member and Chair of the Technical Rules and Championships Sub-Committee, Giorgio Brugnoli.

“Allowing them to miss the regional stages of the competition enables more members of the GB Boxing squad to participate as it does not clash with their international commitments. I have no doubt it will also increase the quality and excitement of the finals weekend and deliver a great spectacle for fans and a truly meaningful test for all of the boxers.”

In a revamp of the latter stages of the competition, the quarter-finals, semis and finals will be held over three consecutive days of competition at the 5,000 plus seater, Echo Arena Liverpool and be televised on Sky Sports 2 from 2000-2200 on Friday 2nd May 2014.

The quarter-finals will be held after the regional stages of the Championships which will be completed by 13 April 2014. At this point there will be 12 Regional Association winners plus one GB Boxing nominated entry, meaning there will be 13 boxers in each weight category.

The process for reducing these 13 boxers down to eight for the quarter-finals is set out below:

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The GB Boxing nominated entry will be seeded No.1

Two other boxers, selected by the Technical & Rules Sub Committee, will become seed No. 2 and seed No.3

The 10 remaining boxers will compete in five pre quarter-final bouts

The five winners of the pre quarter-final bouts will join the three seeded boxers in the draw for the quarter finals.

Pre quarter-finals:

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There will be two pre quarter-final tournaments, one in the North Zone to take place in Tyne Tees & Wear and one in the South Zone to take place in Combined Services Boxing Association

Depending on which Association the No.2 and No.3 Seed boxer is selected from, this will determine how many boxers are left within the North Zone and how many boxers are left in the South Zone. If there are an equal number of boxers in the North Zone, then these boxers will compete in the North Zone Pre Quarter Final and equally the same ruling for the South Zone

Should a boxer from the North Zone have to compete against a boxer from the South Zone, every effort will be made to minimise travel by deciding whether the bout takes place in the North or in the South, however these factors will not compromise the process of selecting seeds

Should any weight category have less than 13 boxers entered after the Association Finals have been completed, there will be a sliding scale of how many pre quarter-final bouts will be required and the use of byes may come into play