Flanagan says he’ll maintain his perfect record against Mathews

To some, tonight’s planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter may signal the end of times for Earth, but for WBO World Lightweight Champion Terry Flanagan and challenger Derry Mathews it could mean a catastrophic end to one of their careers.

The celestial event of the decade begins this evening and will last until mid-February – close to when Flanagan and Mathews clash on Saturday 13th February at the Liverpool Echo Arena – in the galaxy’s biggest lightweight collision in years, exclusively live on the BoxNation.

A fifth star will join the heavenly line-up and light-up the sky on fight night when Manchester ace Flanagan puts his undefeated record and WBO crown on the line against his hard-hitting Liverpool rival, Mathews, as the two rival claim for bragging rights in the bitter battle between the two rival cities.

The last time the planets lined up was in 2005, the year when Ricky Hatton’s career went into orbit following his sensational win over Undisputed World Champion Kostya Tszyu, and both Flanagan and Mathews know a victory will send their career into a cosmic trajectory against the best 135 pound fighters in the universe.

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And a keen observer of both spectacular cosmic events is Britain’s first ever astronaut to walk in space, Tim Peake, from his International Space Station, orbiting at 250 miles up in the sky.

Unbeaten Flanagan says he’ll maintain his perfect record and make a successful second defence of his title: “Mathew’s is on another planet if he thinks he can beat me and when I knock him out he will end up on another planet. I’ve told him that I’m the fittest man on the planet, there’s no way he’ll keep up with my pace and strength, I’m a robot in the ring and I’m programmed to destroy. I’ve got rockets in my fists, look what I did to Diego Magdaleno, can Mathews stand up to that kind of firepower? Once I’ve dealt with Mathews, just like my Manchester brother Ricky Hatton, I’m going on to unify world titles. This is going to be one gigantic cosmic explosion and Mathews is going to end up in a black hole.”

Fiery Mathews fired back by saying he’ll expose Flanagan: “On fight night I’ll be fit and ready to put on an out-of-this-world performance against Flanagan who’s on for a real hiding. His head must be in space because he’s running his mouth off like he’s some super-human fighter and I’ll show everybody that he’s just an average boxer. How can he say he’s got rockets in his fist when I’ve knocked-out 20 out of 38 and he’s only got 12 knockouts in 29 fights? The first clean shot I land on Flanagan’s chin and he’ll be joining Tim Peake as the second Brit to do a space walk. I’ll prove that I’m the best 135 pounder in Liverpool, on Earth and in the Galaxy.”

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