WATCH LIVE: Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night at 10 am ET LIVE from Dubai

Two-time World Champion Amir Khan and the Super Boxing League (SBL) in association with Savy Capital, Bybit and the World Boxing Council (WBC) are thrilled to announce that it will stage the inaugural Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night at La Perle, Dubai, UAE, on Saturday 16th October.

The high-profile event will feature the World’s leading crypto traders meeting in the ring and all funds generated from the big night – that includes an auction of various crypto related assets, collectibles and NFT digital art – will be donated to the vital humanitarian work undertaken by the Amir Khan Foundation.

WATCH LIVE: Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night at 10 am ET LIVE from Dubai

The SBL works in unity with the foundation which was set-up by two-time World Boxing Champion & Olympic Silver Medalist Amir Khan with the core objective to support communities globally, especially through health, fitness, and sport. Since its inception, the Amir Khan Foundation has responded to global emergencies and facilitated developmental projects across the world. The foundation exists to support individuals, families and communities globally, and to offer relief and support during times of hardship, urgent need and upheaval.

The star-studded evening will showcase Dubai as the future of Block Chain technology and innovation, with the World’s fastest-growing crypto community in attendance on fight night.

This first of its kind A-list event is supported by the World’s leading boxing governing body the World Boxing Council (WBC), who lead the way in protecting human rights, eradicating discrimination and helping the most vulnerable, and Savy Capital, who is the Crypto Community Partner and makes investments in different asset classes globally.

Boxing history will be made when the first ever WBC Crypto belt will be contested for and presented to the winner of the boxing match between the leading distinguished crypto traders RookieXBT and Loomdart which headlines the extravaganza.

RookieXBT is one of the youngest and most respected Crypto traders. Loomdart is arguably the most notable investor in the industry and partner in VC Egirl Capital.

In the co-main event an exciting showdown between two huge punchers in the heavyweight division sees New Zealand big-hitter Hemi ‘The Heat’ Ahio (17-0-0, 12 KO’s) in a seismic collision with Dubai KO king Mohammad Ali (17-2-1, 17 KO’s) Bayat Farid for the Vacant WBC Asia Heavyweight Championship.

Three further highly-competitive contests between some of the world’s most powerful crypto traders will also take place on the card, featuring: Profit Maximalist podcast host Luke Martin versus whizz-kid trader Barney The Boi; entrepreneur Raghav ‘Reggie’ Jerath vs. investment and finance pro and co-founder of Gath3r Network Foz; leading British trader Adam ‘Cass’ Craigmile vs. American hot-trader Ahmed.

In addition, the event also features an undercard full of action-packed contests, including the highly anticipated professional debuts of two sensational hot prospects: England’s National ABA Youth Champion and Amir’s cousin Abdul Khan, and Tal Singh, the Amir managed England Boxing National Champion, plus other eminent boxers.

Amir Khan, SBL Chairman, said: “Get ready and be prepared to witness high adrenaline action unlike anything you’ve seen before. Being associated with crypto will further augment our endeavour to reach to the population which believe in pace and transformation.”

Bill Dosanjh, SBL CEO & Founder, said: “I’m proud to announce the SBL Crypto Fight Night, as we are the first ever-combat sports promoters to take this leap with something which denotes the future and is in line with the UAE vision as well. Our core objective is to showcase that Dubai is the future hub of Block Chain. This association will help build the sport amongst the millennial and young business generation who have a forward approach.”

RookieXBT and Loomadart can only usually be viewed as avatars, and it’s the FIRST TIME that the Crypto community will see them live.

Self-taught trader Rookie said, “I’m happy to be participating in an event that brings the crypto family together in a way that’s never been done before. It’s extremely humbling. I’m looking forward to this event being a success and hopefully something that happens annually.”

Rival Loomdart who has traded Crypto since 2014 added, “There’s something beautiful about being able to say getting involved in crypto has led to me fighting some dude i’ve never met before. I can’t wait for these to be regular events and let people get revenge for getting dumped on.”

Savy Capital said, “The crypto community is a robust group of individuals and companies that are dedicated to making a difference in today’s society, we are proud to bring them together with the combat sports world partnering with SBL, where we can showcase to people the winning spirit, high octane energy, and giving back personalities of all involved. This event is the first edition of many more to come!”

Roy Blackstone said, “SBL and Savy Capital are combining to give the world the first event that merges the boxing and crypto communities in Dubai, one of the world’s most incredible cities. This night will help to bring awareness of both of these communities to the mainstream, and I am proud to support the very first fight night.

Bybit added, “Crypto and boxing have a lot in common — striving for excellence, keeping one’s composure in challenging circumstances, being resilient enough and coming back again and again even when getting knocked down, and not to mention being often misunderstood. The pandemic has taken a toll on sports and other sources of joy. We at Bybit are glad to be able to help bring some entertainment back, and add a little excitement to the lovers of combat sports and crypto.”

Sheikh Almualla bin Ahmed Al Mualla, the Founder of Ghaf Capital said, “Ghaf Capital is excited to be a part of this “first of its kind” event. In a way, it’s metaphoric of what many of us have lived through last year, taking punches and getting knocked down. We’re excited for an amazing evening with our fellow blockchain pioneers and the athletes attending. It’s going to be a great reminder that no matter what punches life throws at you, keep your hands up and keep swinging!”