Find A Dream Partners With BC Boxing To Knockout Drugs In Northwestern PA

To combat the growing drug epidemic that continues to plague the Northwestern Pennsylvania area, Find A Dream—a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization that reaches out to community children and provides them a healthy channel to find and work towards fulfilling a dream—has partnered with BC Boxing of Brockport to offer kids and teenagers an outlet where they can learn structure and discipline, and most importantly, keep them off the streets and off of drugs.

Over the past few years Find A Dream has established themselves on a national level, valiantly campaigning to spread awareness of the importance of getting kids involved in healthy programs and activities. Find A Dream already has a successful location in Myrtle Beach where they’ve partnered with former pro boxer Pete Guthrie of One Punch Fitness, and also train out of Long Beach, California, where they have expanded to over the past year.

“When it was brought to my attention of the growing drug problem in the western Pennsylvania area, it immediately made sense to partner with BC Boxing and begin getting kids off the streets and involved in something healthy,” says Rod Ricciardi, founder of Find A Dream. “Everybody thinks that major drug epidemics only lie within big inner cities, and people often forget how bad it can be in small town America. Our hope is to reach as many kids as possible and implement programs to keep them on the right track.”

Ricciardi is joined by an all-star team of Board Members, including former boxing world champions Ray Mercer, Michael Moorer, Bobby Czyz and Buddy McGirt; they will be visiting the gym from time to time and offering their insight to the boxers and working with the kids to pass along their experience and knowledge inside and out of the squared circle.

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“This is a dream come true, having the chance to partner with Find A Dream,” said Chris Cella, co-owner of BC Boxing. “I’ve known Rod and the crew for a few years now, and I’ve seen firsthand the work FAD does, and the results that come out of it. Drugs have become such a problem here in Brockport, and my wife and co-owner Becky immediately thought partnering with Find A Dream would be a huge way to spread awareness and help take us to the next level in our efforts to further our campaign to keep the kids off of drugs. If we can get the kids on the right path early, they won’t turn to drugs. It is our job to provide the environment and atmosphere for the kids to succeed, and now having Find A Dream in our corner, we have all the resources we need.”

Find A Dream and BC Boxing will be hosting their first charity event next Friday night—a boxing exhibition benefit for Trooper Bradley Wilson, who was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. All of the proceeds raised from the benefit will be donated to Trooper Wilson.

“Going forward we are eager to put on a variety of different benefits and outings to continue to raise awareness of our cause,” said Ricciardi. “Our impact is felt every time an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child, and when a community comes together for the common good.”

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