FFB: “Correct Hamzaoui Injustice – Or We Ban WBC In France!”

The French Boxing Federation (FFB) now lashed out against the attempted result manipulation of the World Boxing Council in the WBC “Silver”/WBF World unification fight at flyweight between their licenceholder Amira Hamzaoui (who won via split decision) and former champion Raja Amasheh of Germany in Saarbrücken on October 11.

Obviously, the decision went against the predetermined script of the WBC and when Amasheh protested on the grounds that she is “really upset and losing her trust” due to what she considers a “human error” by the judges, the WBC found a loophole after weeks of contemplation and suddenly declared (without informing Hamzaoui officially) together will the German Federation BDB the result a “No Contest”, in attempt to clean up the record of Amasheh and return their “Silver” title to her.

The dispute arose as the two very experienced WBF judges were the ones scoring for Hamzaoui, while the WBC judge – an utterly inexperienced official! – scored for Amasheh.

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FFB president André Martin, amongst many other points, now wrote in his letter to the WBC:

“Your supervisor never complained about the jury of this fight (beforehand). Our French judges’ (Vincent Dupas) experience is recognized throughout the world. The (WBC) supervisor should have told before the fight if there was a lack of regularity to the WBC rules.

This decision (to not accept Hamzaoui’s victory) is unacceptable since our boxer fairly won the fight. That’s why I ask you to return to the original and fair decision and designate our French boxer as the winner.”

Mr. Martin closes his letter to the World Boxing Council in no uncertain terms, writing: “As I just can’t accept this injustice, I will undertake all necessary action to forbid French boxers and officials to take part in any WBC-organized fights nor will any WBC fight ever take place again in France from this day on.”

While it remains to be seen how the WBC will react to this strong stance against their manipulations, the World Boxing Federation has made it clear that they will continue to respect the original verdict of the officials, even the outrageous score of 6-2 in rounds (with 2 drawn) by neophyte WBC judge Steve Mertz, and continue to recognize Amira Hamzaoui as WBF Womens World Flyweight Champion.

This is in accordance with the ruling of the WBF Executive Committee, who turned down Amasheh’s protest. As a matter of principle, the WBF also declines to comment on the verbal abuse and threats made by members of Team Amasheh against their officials.

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