Ermano Fegatilli prepared for Nov. 23rd return

Ermano Fegatilli has had a lengthy gap between fights in 2014. His only fight this year was a lopsided stoppage win against an overmatched Hungarian, Csaba Toth, in June. Before then, Fegatilli hadn’t fought since August of 2013. Activity hasn’t been on his side, even though the motivation and hunger has remained with all of the opportunity lying ahead.

Still, waiting around isn’t a route he’s accustomed to taking, and he’s ready to step up and look to extend his four-fight winning streak. Fegatilli will start off with a “stay-busy” fight against Kristin Dochev, above the 130lb/59kg weight limit on November 23th.

The last year has been eventful, outside of the ring, that is. “Le Seresien” has been forced to balance work life, personal life, and boxing life. He recently moved from Belgium to the Netherlands to live with his longtime fiance, and, as of August, beloved spouse. Managerial rifts have also played a role in keeping him out of the ring. Yes, as one aspect of his life changes, so does the rest. As of earlier this year, Ermano’s career is being managed by Renald De Vulder, who has been working relentlessly and tirelessly to land him a major opportunity.

Indeed, he will get one soon enough. As long as Fegatilli comes away with a victory against the Bulgarian Dochev, who is 11-19, he will face Romain Jacob for the EBU Super Featherweight title soon after.

The plan is to face Dochev on 11/23, take another eight-round fight on January 30th, and then challenge Jacob by the second quarter of 2015 — most likely early April. A victory there would drive him a step ahead to the world title picture.

The details of the Jacob fight are still being materialized, but it has been mandated by the European Boxing Union that Jacob, who recently won a unanimous decision over Devis Boschiero, defend against Fegatilli in his next championship bout.

Fegatilli originally held that same EBU’s Super Featherweight title from February 2011, when he captured it with a dominant win over Stephen Foster Jnr, until August 2012, when he lost it in a close and controversial fight with Boschiero. The Jacob fight will be about taking back what was rightfully earned, and lost, just a couple of years ago.

For now, the focus in on Ermano Fegatilli’s return bout on 11/23 in Antwerp, Belgium, where he has a substantial fan-base and had resided for many years. Dochev is 21, and knows that a victory could be life-changing. A lack of focus could be detrimental, and this fight is as important as any other.

The 30-year-old contender won’t be pedestrian when a shot at brilliance lies within his grasp. Boxing is a sport of passion, blood, and desire. Few display more desire than Fegatilli when it comes to doing what he loves. There is nothing left to do but step into the ring and fight.

More information on Ermano Fegatilli will be released shortly.