Erick Leon defeats Marcos Rodríguez in Mexico City – Boxing Results

Last night, Venezuelan Erick “Massacre” León defeated, by unanimous decision, Mexican Marcos “El Mudo” Rodríguez, 97-93, 96-95 and 96-93, to win the Continental Américas WBA (World Boxing Association) Super Lightweight Title Fight on EstrellaTV’s monthly boxing series “Boxeo EstrellaTV.” The series occurs the last Friday night of every month and is broadcast live from Foro Viena in Mexico City.

The fight was a give and take, with heavy blows from the first bell that continued throughout the fight. In the early rounds, Rodriguez advanced and León countered, with Rodriguez launched a punishing attack on León’s body, who responded with hooks to the head, and shots to the body.

León scored four uppercuts in a row, but the bell saved Rodríguez. The final rounds were a fierce exchange of blows, both looking to knockout the other and not leave the decision to the judges, but the endurance of both prevented the bout from being defined by their fists. In the end, the judges gave their ruling in favor of, and the WBA title to, Leon.

In a 10-round Super Bantamweight semifinal battle, Mexico City’s Ernesto Salcedo lost to Mexico City’s Hytan Ramos by TKO (technical knockout) at 2:15 in the fourth round, after four knockdowns, one in the third and in the fourth round.

Randy León from Mexico City won over Roberto “El Jaguar” Nava Díaz Sandi by technical knockout at 1:36 in the first round, in a 6-round combat at 63 kilos weight.

Mexico’s Pedro Alejandro Delgado took the victory by TKO at 2:51 in the first round over Eisa Al Dah “Arabian Warrior” from United Arab Emirates, in a four round Middleweight bout.

Mexico City’s Alexis de la Cruz and Mexico’s Luis Enrique Godínez gave his all but could not win over the judges who scored the fight a tie 38-39, 38-38 and 39-37, in a four-round Super Lightweight.

Mexico City’s Leonardo Anguiano fell to Mexico City’s Mario Alberto “El Morro” García by disqualification.

San Luis Potosi’s Jorge “El Ruso” Ascanio and Mexico’s Fernando Gabriel González tied with 39-38, 38-38 and 38-39, in a four-round Bantamweight fight.

Boxeo EstrellaTV is a monthly boxing fight night on U.S. broadcast and multiplatform network EstrellaTV. Featuring the best in Mexican and Latin American boxing, it airs on the last Friday night of every month through the end of 2021. It can be viewed on the EstrellaTV network, carried by most major cable carriers, and streamed everywhere on Samsung TV+, The Roku Channel, Xumo, and fuboTV. The series is produced by Producciones Deportivas, and directed by Ricardo Maldonado Jr.

The remaining fight nights include August 27, September 24, October 29, November 26, and December 17.

Producciones Deportivas has produced and promoted Mexican boxing for more than 30 years, working with and evolving boxing in Mexico. Some of the legendary fighters they have worked with include Marco Antonio Barrera, Acelino “Popo” Freitas, and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.