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Edis Tatli and Francesco Patera will clash for the EBU lightweight belt on 12th December

Edis Tatli (29–2) gets a chance to revenge his split decision defeat against Francesco Patera (18–2). Tatli and Patera will meet for the second time on 12th December in Finland.

Tatli and Patera met for the first time in May, as the challenger Patera managed to squeeze out a controversial decision over the EBU champ Tatli. Tatli, his team and Finnish sports journalists were shocked over the verdict, and Tatli’s manager Pekka Mäki filed a formal claim demanding an immediate rematch between the two.

The claim was rejected, but Tatli was named as the mandatory challenger for the victor of Patera’s next fight. Patera was supposed to face Yvan Mendy next, but Mendy had other ideas and withdrew from the fight. Therefore it’s Tatli’s turn after all.

Tatli vows to get his vengeance.

“This time the fight won’t go to the scorecards”, says Tatli.

“I will give him a boxing lesson. If I was too passive in our last fight, now it’s different. I will give him a beating and become the European champion once more.”

The fight, dubbed as The Rematch, will take place at Kisahalli, Helsinki. More info about the event will be published next week.

Sven Fornling to fight Danish Jeppe Morell

This evening, Danish prospect Jeppe Morell won against Maurice Possiti in Copenhagen and thus qualified for a title fight againt Sven Fornling – IBF Baltic title. The fight will now take place on Hall of Fame promotor Mogens Palle’s 60’s anniversary as a promotor – his first event took place 1957 in Copenhagen.

Mogens Palle:
“It was a long time since we had this type of great Nordic battle. Last time, was the fight between Erik Skoglund and Lolenga Mock in 2012. The fight between Fornling and Morell will be great. The winner will certainly take a very big step forward in his professional boxing career.”

Sven Fornling has been training hard for the fight in his home town Malmö and in Hamburg at the EC Boxpromotion camp – sparring with IBO World champion Igor Michalkin and European champion Karo Murat.

“I feel great. This is a good fight for me. I will give Jeppe Morell a boxing lesson.”

The fight will be over 10 rounds.