Do you have #ThePowerWithin to take on Olympic boxer Michael Conlan?

Electric Ireland, the Official Energy Partner of Team Ireland for the Rio Olympics, has today released a unique 360 degree video featuring 2016 Irish Olympic boxing hopeful Michael Conlan, as part of its sponsorship campaign, #ThePowerWithin.

Ahead of the games, Michael Conlan, one of Team Ireland’s brightest medal hopes, took some time out from his strenuous training schedule to collaborate with Electric Ireland and create an amazing and unique sensory experience. The video transports the viewer into the body of a would-be fellow Olympian, allowing them to experience sparring with Conlan, with the help of a boxing coach. The 360 degree video creates the sensation of actually being in the ring with Conlan, even allowing viewers to experience what it’s like to be on the wrong end of a knockout punch from the 2015 World Champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist.

This video delivers an experience usually reserved for the 0.0001% who train their entire lives for a shot at Olympic gold.

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The 360 degree video is best viewed using a 360 headset on mobile but is also viewable on Facebook, YouTube and mobile without headsets

Speaking about his involvement with the campaign and his prep for Rio, Conlan said: “I’m often asked what it’s like to be in the ring, sparring with an opponent and now you can put yourself in that position to get a feel for what it’s like. I am fully committed and focused for what is ahead of me in Rio. That gold medal will be around my neck and I will bring it home for Ireland.”

Lisa Browne, Head of Marketing at Electric Ireland, said: “Through Smarter Living, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the most sophisticated technology with the products and experiences we have on offer. Working with Team Ireland, we wanted to continue that vision and so created a piece of content which utilises state of the art 360 technology. The 360 degree video was created to promote Electric Ireland’s sponsorship of Team Ireland and it is our aim to inspire support amongst the Irish people for our Olympic athletes.”

In order to realise greatness, each member of Team Ireland has reached inside themselves to discover The Power Within. Electric Ireland, proud sponsor of Team Ireland wants to inspire the public with these powerful stories and encourage people to look within themselves to find out what drives them ultimately uncovering their own Power Within. Whether it’s the strength to keep pushing through the third round or to find the courage to go for that job promotion, everyone can use The Power Within to realise their dreams.

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