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Daser makes weight, Afolabi too heavy

Former IBO World Cruiserweight Champion Ola Afolabi doesn’t seem to take his upcoming fight against self-made millionaire Mario Daser too seriously. At the official weigh-in the 37-year-old Brit who lives in Hollywood, California, touched the scale at 92.5 kg (204 lbs.) way over the cruiserweight limit. To save his chance to win the WBO European and IBO International Championship, Afolabi was given three hours to lose the extra pounds. In the end, his official weight was confirmed just inside the limit at 90.7 kg (200 lbs.).

“To be honest I don’t care that much for those belts,” Afolabi said after finally making weight. “But now I will take them back home anyways. I had been a little out of shape before taking the fight so I had to lose some pounds. But that doesn’t matter. I am used to stuff like this. All that matters now is what happens in the ring. I will take this guy to school and give him a good beating that’s for sure.“

Afolabi’s opponent Mario Daser didn’t have any problems making weight in the first place. The self-made millionaire weighed in at 89.7 kg (197.75 lbs.).

“I am a professional and very disciplined“, said Daser. “I have trained very hard and I have a good nutritionist who monitors my weight. Ola may be more experienced than me. But obviously that hasn’t helped him to show up on weight. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I am ready to face my biggest challenge so far. I don’t know if I can beat him but I can guarantee that I will give him a hell of a fight.”

All other fighters on the card made their weight. Daser vs. Afolabi is the main event of a seven-bout card promoter by EC Boxing which also features top rated heavyweight contender Christian Hammer and the IBO World Lightheavyweight Championship between former European Champion Igor Mikhalkin and unbeaten Thomas Oosthuizen from South Africa.

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