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Darren Till ready for Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson on May 27

UFC superstar Darren Till has warned Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson it’s impossible to prepare for the hostility that awaits him at Liverpool’s sold-out Echo Arena on May 27.

Tickets for the homecoming of unbeaten welterweight Till (16-0-1) were gone inside two minutes with the winner of his clash with Thompson (14-2-1) set to take aim at world champion Tyron Woodley.

Till said: “I’m sure part of him is looking forward to it but really he doesn’t know what’s coming. The chants will be deafening and he won’t be used to that kind of intensity of atmosphere.

“Thompson is experienced but it’s different when it’s a crowd of Scousers or an Irish crowd. They’re the most passionate fans.

“Liverpool are playing the night before and the city will be on a high. This show is about me. People are coming along for the ride and supporting Team Till – not only in Liverpool but all over the world.

“I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say it could mentally destroy Thompson but it will certainly have an effect. It would do with anyone because it’s a new experience.

“When the time comes, he’ll either thrive off it or it’ll get to him in his head. It’ll be so intense. I know I’d be shocked if I was him.”

Till added of the phenomenal demand for tickets: “I was surprised and I wasn’t. I said tickets would sell out quickly but I heard there were people with five iPads, computers and phones around them trying to maximise their chances.

“To the fans: I want to thank you all for spending your hard-earned money coming to support me. There’s no way I’ll let you down. I’m definitely going to win this fight.”

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