Danny Williams Interview: Revenge with Mrázek would be great!

PRAGUE – He came to Czech Republic for two weeks, for two fights and to prepare for the last fight in his career. But forty-year-old Danny Williams (46-21) has another goal to achieve.

“I want a revenge with Tomáš Mrázek. I beat him once and I think it is possible to beat him again and to have a great fight,” says a nice bloke from Brixton who admires Jersey Joe Walcott, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciana. And also, surprisingly, Mike Tyson. A man who was beaten by him…

How do you enjoy your stay in a small Czech town like Ústí nad Labem?

I have visited many cities. I have been to Las Vegas, I have been to Russia, I have travelled all around the world. But when I am somewhere I am always preparing myself or I am staying at a hotel. It was the same in Las Vegas. If I want to see anyone, he comes to me.

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Why have chosen the Czech Republic? Because of boxing, of course, but why the Czech Republic? It is not a country where boxing is not extremely popular.

Lukáš Konečný is a very good friend of my agent and his offer means a quality. The fights here are a great opportunity and that’s why I am here. Then I am fighting in Germany that will be followed by the end.

Lukáš is also a professional boxer…

Yes, I know. A very good one. He fought against Matthew Hall in the UK. I saw that fight, Lukáš was great. He was moving perfectly and a man couldn’t predict what to expect from him. It was a great fight.

Lukáš ended his career. You are boxing at his farewell party on Saturday. Are you also planning to celebrate with him?

I don’t know how I would feel so I don’t want to promise anything.

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Lukáš likes beer, but you are said not to drink at all…

No. Drinking alcohol and smoking is totally disgusting.

That means you have never been drunk?

No. I have tasted it, but it was disgusting. I remember my father drinking a lot of beer and going to the toilet all the time then.

Is Lukáš a good host?

He’s great, he does everything I ask for. He is a great guy.

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You don’t drink alcohol, but have you tasted any other Czech specialities – goulash, beef sirloin?

No, I have eaten only pizza. (he laughs)

Back to the boxing. Many people think that you risk your good name that you gained before…

Yes, that’s true. I hear that quite often but I don’t care. For me, my two kids (10 and 15 years old) are important, they are the reason why I box. They go to a private school where the fee of 55 thousand euros is charged every year. And I want to keep them there.

It is a big amount of money. That means that education is Great Britain is so expensive?

No, only private schools are expensive. Public education is free. You don’t have private schools?

We do, but just a few and they are not so expensive…

Yes, I got it. I just want the school that my children attend to be of a high quality.

You said that on July 26 your last fight would take place in Germany. Why have you chosen this date?
FFM-BoxPromotion gave me an opportunity for this fight in Frankfurt. They promised me a nice fight and an easy opponent to have a pleasant last fight.

Do you want to leave like a winner?

Yes, like a winner!

Before that, you are going to face František Kykal. Your actual score with Czech opponents is 1-1. Do you believe that it will change?
Yes, I definitely want the score to be 2-1 for me. I am prepared perfectly. I know I had lost here. With whom was that once again, please?

With Tomáš Mrázek in Lucerna.

Yes, yes, he was a very tough opponent. But I know I want to beat him again. I managed that before. Although I have spoken about the end of my career, revenge with Mrázek would be great! On the other hand, I know that it wouldn’t be an easy fight.

How would you sum the fight in Lucerna up?

It was a great fight. I was shocked by his boxing style, I didn’t know what to expect from him. After the first punch I realised that he is a very good fighter. The way he moves, his punches, it is rare to see. (he shows)

While talking about the past, let’s go back to year 2004. was a very specific year for you…

Yes, it was. I was very surprised by losing to Michael Sprott 114 – 115 by points). Then, I had to easier opponents who were followed by Mike Tyson.

It is obvious that you have spoken about it for thousand times. However, can you describe again your feelings after that knockout?

It was amazing, incredible. You knew what that gay had achieved in the boxing ring. And then you beat him. When I was watching the video from the fight, I couldn’t believe that it was me who beat him.

Many people say that it wasn’t the same Tyson as before Lennox Lewis (year 2002).

Yes, he was older, he was thirty-eight but he was still a great boxer. That’s what I told him after the fight that he had been perfect and tough in first two rounds. However, as the fight went on, it was me who had tougher punches and he started to be tired. Four punches and one sequence followed by the knockout. It was the best feeling in my life! It definitely wasn’t that well-known Tyson. Honestly, Mike Tyson was in his best years able to kill Holyfield, Lewis, everyone. That guy was unable to be stopped!

How long do you think this fight would last?

A few seconds maximum and then the end. It would have been the same for time. No-one could beat him, he was the best. (he gestures punches)

In what concretely?

In his speed and in his technique. The speech was amazing. Totally amazing!

By the way, how often do you have to answer the questions about the fight with Tyson?

Everyone asks me about that. But I understand. Tyson is a legend.

After beating Tyson, you finished year 2004 by the world title fight with Vitalij Kličko that you lost. How was that fight?

He was a great champion, so it was a really difficult fight. He is really tall and difficult to be punched. He is simply a fighter. But he is also a great man.

Isn’t that pity for Vitalij Kličko that you prevented him from fighting against Tyson (Williams eliminated Tyson, redactor’s note)?

Yes, for the future of Vitalij and Vladimir Kliščko is a pity that they didn’t fight against Mike Tyson, Riddick Bow and others. They would be more respected fighters, but the fact that they aren’t now is not their fault. People are now losing their interest in boxing because they think it is boring. The matches are not as they used to be.

What is more for you? Winning over Mike Tyson or world title fight with Vitalij Kličko that you lost?

(he thinks and shakes his head for a long time) It is really difficult to say which one was more difficult and which one I appreciate more. Seriously, I don’t know, I have great experiences from both these fights.

Last question. What is your message for your Czech fans?

Come, you will see a good fight. In my opinion, it will be pleasant and amusing. And I want to thank everyone for the support during my career.