“Time To Move On”: Dubois Sets Sights On Dinu

After a whirlwind few days where young Heavyweight superstar Daniel Dubois has been unexpectedly thrust back into the media spotlight, ‘Dynamite’ has now said it is “time to move on”.

Daniel was last seen in the ring on November 28 when he suffered a horrific eye injury at the hands of Joe Joyce.

In the wake of that shock defeat internet trolls, and even some within boxing, were keen to put the boot in on Dubois by questioning his decision to take a knee and end the bout.

One such figure was Billy Joe Saunders, who was vociferous in his criticism of the 23-year-old mild-mannered bruiser.

Those remarks would come back to bite Bill, who would fall to Canelo Alvarez after suffering a very similar injury.

Daniel says he understands why the fans and press alike have jumped on this ironic twist of fate but has insisted it is time to move on.

The ever-classy Dubois said: “I understand why everyone has wanted to make comparisons between me and Billy, but it’s time to move on now.”

Saunders is currently awaiting treatment at a hospital in Dallas and Dubois says it’s time to give him space to recover and regroup.

“Billy has had his injury, people have said what they’ve had to say but now it’s time to let him rest, heal and be with his family.

“It’s important for me to move on too. I’ve got a fight on June 5th with Bogdan Dinu that I need to get ready for.”

The Heavyweight collision with Romania’s Bogdan Dinu will be Dubois’ first taste of action since suffering his injury and he is keen to put the memories of that fateful night behind him.

“Over six months of frustrations are ready to come out. You are going to see the best version of Daniel Dubois in that ring on June 5th. I will beat Bogdan Dinu up and knock him out.”

Some may have expected young ‘Dynamite’ to have taken an easier fight for his return, but Dubois was keen to jump back in the mix and take on #2 ranked WBA Heavyweight Dinu with the WBA Interim title on the line.

“Dinu is a decent test. He does some things very well. He has fast hands and can move. He’s ranked #2 for a reason, and he’ll see this as a chance to get a title.”

Whilst Dubois is keen to move on from both the events of this past weekend in Texas and his own defeat in November last year, he understands that the only way to truly do that is deliver something spectacular in the ring.

At just 23-years-old, he will be looking to add a 15th career KO to his record and improve to 16-1 as a professional.

Dubois is fully aware of the question marks that surround him after the nature of his last defeat and he is confident he has all the answers.

“I need to do what I do, show people why they called me ‘Dynamite’ in the first place” Dubois said, “It’ll be a devastating performance, I promise you. A huge knockout to put myself back on the map.”


Daniel Dubois Takes Up Peter Crouch’s Offer, Will Be “Back Stronger”

Heavyweight superstar ‘Dynamite’ Daniel Dubois has taken up an offer from England football legend Peter Crouch to use his popular podcast’s catchphrase ‘Back Stronger’ as the tagline for his next fight.

23-year-old Dubois meets the WBA’s #2 ranked Heavyweight Bogdan Dinu on June 5th and ‘Back Stronger’ seems the perfect fit for the Greenwich man’s return as he looks to rebound after a horror eye injury suffered at the hands of Joe Joyce.

On the latest episode of ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’, Dubois asked presenters Crouchy, Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce what they made of internet trolls targeting him for taking a knee in his last fight.

Fans of the podcast will know that Peter Crouch has become an expert in judging the art of what he calls ‘sh*thousery’ and he strongly rebuked boxing’s armchair army when he confidently declared “there’s no sh*thousing there, let’s be honest.”

Crouch added: “I think we should get behind him!”

Co-host Tom Fordyce came up with the idea of the podcast offering formal support to Dubois’ as he mounts his comeback by letting him use their ‘Back Stronger’ catchphrase.

Talking exclusively to Queensberry, Dubois said: “It’s nice to have the support of someone like Peter Crouch. He’s competed at the top level of his sport, represented his country and been the subject of abuse himself. He knows what it’s like to be injured too, so yeah obviously it’s nice for someone like that to back you up.

“I listened to what the guys had to say and I’m happy to take them up on their offer.

“Back Stronger seems like the perfect title for my next fight. Because I will be, I’ll be back stronger. On June 5th, I get back in the ring and take my frustrations out on Bogdan Dinu.

“It’ll be back to what I do best, an explosive performance and a devastating knockout.”

It’s been a rough couple of months for Dubois, who prior to the Joyce defeat was widely considered to be the hottest prospect in Heavyweight boxing.

Despite withstanding a barrage of abuse from internet fans, and some within boxing too, ‘Dynamite’ says he’s still laser-focused on achieving his goals in the sport and reaching the dizzy heights many had predicted for him.

“It’s strange having people slag you off just for getting injured. I’ve never experienced that before. But, It’s boxing… it’s a tough sport, and I’ve dusted myself off, I’ll go again and prove everyone wrong.

“I don’t care what critics have to say to be honest. I’ll just come back, win fights, win titles and shut them up.”

That sentiment was backed up by Chris Stark, who said on the podcast: “I’ve got no doubt at all he’ll be back stronger for his next fight.”

Peter Crouch added: “He was on the right track, obviously he’s lost his way in the last fight, got beat… but all he’s got to do is come back stronger.”

Perhaps unconvinced that KO-artist Dubois would actually take them up on their offer, Crouchy did go on to say that “If I actually see, in the build up to this fight, ‘DUBOIS: BACK STRONGER’, it’s going to really make my day.”

Well, Crouchy, consider your day made…