Claressa Shields Opens Up With Katie Couric on Yahoo

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric sat down for a candid conversation with Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields ahead of this year’s Olympic games. Shields is ready for Rio and hopeful that she will be the first American boxer – male or female – to win gold twice at the Olympics.


Watch on Yahoo:

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Interview highlights include Shields on:


  • Making history in Rio – “This time I’m going in as the reigning two-time world champion, also the reining Olympic Champion from four years ago. So now it’s like, I’m the one that has the bullseye on my back. It’s exciting to me. I have a lot of people to prove [to] that women’s boxing belongs in the sport and that I’m a great fighter. And that I’m the first woman to win two Olympic gold medals back-to-back…I have a lot to look forward, too.”


  • Pressure to win – “Nah, I don’t think it’s that much pressure. The way that I’ve been dominating lately, I just make sure that I focus and train and everything will fall in place.”


  • The comparison of her to Muhammad Ali – “I wish. I want to have a new nickname. ‘She-G.O.A.T.’ (Greatest of All Time.) We’ll see how that comes out.”


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  • What training in the gym meant to her while growing up –“It was at the point in my life where I wasn’t even eating at home. I would come to the gym, and sometimes I would have really good days in the gym and some days (you could tell that) I wouldn’t have had a meal… I think that was the only place that I actually accepted someone telling me, “good job, you’re looking good, you look sharp, you’re looking strong, you’re messing up here, but you can fix it.” This is the one place where I where I felt like okay that this is something that I can be good at and I’m learning.”


  • Whether she thinks women’s boxing will get more respect – “It will. It will get more respect after this Olympics. When you watch the Olympics, you see me. I’m a boxer that once you see me fight, you want to see me fight again …and again. I have very good skills, very good power. And I know how to fight. That’s what people want to see. I want to go down in history as the best woman fighter that ever lived.”