Cindy Serrano thoughts on Smith vs Linardatou

In boxing a clash of undefeated fighters is the perfect combination to arouse one’s curiosity or interest in a fascinating matchup and thanks to Lee Murtagh’s Saoirse Promotions the fans of the sweet science will receive just that as Sam Smith battles Christina “The Black Mamba” Linardatou for the vacant Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) International lightweight title.

While many boxing fans will be glued to their television sets, cell phones or tablets interested in this weekend’s clash between the undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and the undefeated Tyson Fury, one person will be keeping a close eye on a championship fight that will take place on Sunday in the United Kingdom and that person is the current UBF world lightweight champion Cindy Serrano, one half of the “Serrano Sisters”.

We caught up with the lightweight champion and conducted a short interview regarding the Smith vs Linardatou championship bout.

UBF: What’s your thought on Sam Smith of Leeds facing off against Christina Linardatou of Greece via Dominican Republic ?

Cindy Serrano: Whatever happens in my division I take notice, unlike others I love boxing, I live and breath boxing, I think it is a good matchup and great for the development of both fighters. They both have limited pro boxing experience and with the lack of exposure I am sure neither one has been seen in a fight. From what I have read it’s standing room only available which is always a good thing, we need more women who can sell out shows and show these promoters us women have huge followings and support from many fans across the globe.

UBF: Can you give us your prediction on who will win the battle between Smith/Linardatou ?

Cindy Serrano: It should be a interesting fight. Both fighters are undefeated and usually don’t give them “O’s’ away without a war. However, to predict a winner is almost impossible at this stage in their careers, no real tough competition between them to determine who is what. What does impress me the most is the fact that they are willing to risk their records so early in their career.

UBF: Any last words for Sam Smith and Christina Linardatou ?

Cindy Serrano: I would like to congratulate both for getting this far and may the best fighter win on November 29th.