Christy Martin and Pink Promotions Look to “Rock The House” April 29

Christy Martin and Pink Promotions look to “Rock The House” April 29 at CenterStage in Charlotte, NC.

Christy Martin wants nothing but the best for Charlotte, NC boxing, so she has adopted a “No, One Hitter Quitter” rule. If you want to fight on her card and get paid, you better come to fight. You better not lay down after you take one punch, and unless making your pro debut, a fighter has to have at least one professional win on their record to fight on the card. As Martin would so eloquently say, “If a fighter doesn’t have at least one win, then they don’t give a shit about the sport or themselves!”

If this sounds harsh, then you obviously don’t know anything about Christy Martin.

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Martin, a native of West Virginia, graduated from college with a degree in education. While in college, she took a dare, entered a tough man competition, and won. After her graduation, she turned to professional boxing.

Martin was nicknamed “The Coal Miner’s Daughter,” and her hard hitting, straight ahead style earned her instant credibility in the boxing world. Martin wore signature Pink outfits, and shed a little blood on her way to winning and becoming the first woman’s WBC title holder. She compiled an impressive 49-6-3 (31 KO’s) record, and was the first female PPV boxing star.

In the 1990’s, boxing was Don King, Mike Tyson, and Christy Martin. Today, Tyson has been replaced by GGG, Martin by Claressa Shields, and King by, well…Christy Martin.

Martin respects what she has done as a fighter in the sport of boxing, but now she wants to be known for putting on great fights with Pink Promotions. “I want to be known as Christy the promoter not Christy the fighter.”

Martin’s goal is to build Charlotte into a “Boxing City.” In order to do so, she is building her shows around her adopted “No, One Hitter Quitter” rule, winners, and young talents like Stevie Massey and LaVonte Earley. She has also found headliners in strong, North Carolina talent like the veteran Lamar Russ. Russ, who is signed to Dibella Entertainment, brings instant credibility to Pink Promotions’ April 29 card, and allows fans to see future stars Massey and Earley grow.

Martin has her work cut out for her as a woman in a male dominated sport, and trying to build Charlotte into a boxing town. She won’t beat people over the head with what she has done. While a double edged sword, she wants the respect of the fighters who are too young to know who she is, but she really wants to help build their careers.

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Martin is proud of her West Virginia roots and the people that strengthened her. Her remembrance of where she came from will be a significant key to her success as she builds up the NC amateur programs, increases competition, and builds winners. By her own admission, North Carolina has a negative boxing stigma “Fighters become bored and tired. They lose focus around here, because the lack of competition. We need guys that can fight. Make this a boxing city, so people want to come here and fight. On April 29, we have guys that can fight. Exciting talent that has already got the attention of fans in Charlotte. The show is close to being sold out. The house will be rocking.”