Chris Algieri talks to MSG Network’s Fran Healy

Long Island native Chris Algieri recently took time out from his preparations for his fight against Manny Pacquiao to sit with MSG Network’s Fran Healy for “The Game 365”. The WBO Light Welterweight Champion discussed what his WBO belt means to him, beating the odds, his training and the big fight against the legendary Pacquiao set to take place on November 22 from Macao, China.

Below are excerpts from “The Game 365: Chris Algieri” which will air on Monday, October 20 at 7:30 pm on MSG+.

“I talk to a lot of guys and they say I can’t wait for Sunday, after the fight. I don’t understand that. If you don’t like to fight, don’t fight. This is a tough sport. For me, I want to be on Saturday, I want to be on fight night. I’m nervous when I sign the fight, it’s so far way, I’m not in shape yet, I haven’t gone through training camp yet. I’m not the same person I’m going to be on fight night, that’s when I’m scared. As we go through camp I build confidence, I get more and more confident, more and more confident, come fight night, I can’t wait to fight.”

“I actually do not enjoy getting hit. The sweet science is hit and don’t be hit, that’s what they say about boxing. I think that’s kind of a lost art though. A lot of guys really think it’s more Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots – I hit you, you hit me kind of thing. I don’t want that, I want to hit you and make you miss all night long. Hit you and make you miss all night long is the way I approach the sport.”

“I knew I was going to be here at some point, I just didn’t realize how fast it was going to happen. Just eight months ago I was fighting in my hometown I was on ESPN. Six months ago I was fighting in Brooklyn in front of eight-times as many people on HBO and two months from now I’ll be fighting in China on pay-per-view in front of millions of people. It’s really been a fast track, we’ve gone a long way in a short period of time but, I’m not surprised on where I’m at.”