Boxing photographer Tom Casino needs your help

For many years, Showtime sports photographer Tom Casino has artfully captured the seminal moments of athletic competitions and focused too on the needs and well being of others. Now he needs our help.

Back surgery last summer, then a near-lethal pulmonary embolism and a debilitating stomach virus called c.diff, have depleted Tom’s assets, the misery compounded by additional expenses through another six months of physical rehabilitation. Under a best-case scenario, these medical setbacks will cost Tommy one year of work and more than $100,000 in health-care costs. Without our help, food stamps, Medicaid and financial ruin loom his new reality.

Determined to summon a spark of his old vitality, Tom engages in grueling physical therapy three times a week at the Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville, NJ, with the relentless attention to detail that makes him such a gifted photographer. Those who know Tom personally or professionally surely regard his cheerful disposition, caring ways and consistent generosity. If we truly get back what we give in this life, Tom should be due rich assistance.

He has been there for many of us. Now, in his hour of need, let’s turn the lens on him and capture what he means to us. Here’s how you can help.

You can donate online with a credit card at:

If you are uncomfortable donating on line, you can make out a check to “Tom Casino.” On the memo line please write “Gift,” which will provide you and Tom a gift-tax exemption. Please mail the check to:

Tom Casino
P.O. Box 58212
Washington, D.C. 20037

Let’s get Tom on the road to a complete recovery. Feel free to forward this to your colleagues and to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your generosity.


Steve Farhood

Dave Lilling

Fred Sternburg