BillyCBoxing Announces New Boxing on TV Ratings System

Lake George, New York – Bill Calogero, President of BillyCBoxing and the host of boxing’s ONLY daily two-hour boxing talk TV & radio program, Talkin Boxing With Billy C, which is now in its 12th year, has announced the first Boxing on TV Ratings System.

Billy C’s Boxing on TV Ratings System is based on a points system. Each major TV Boxing Broadcast will be judged based on the following criteria:

1. The Quality of the Main Event of the Broadcast.
2. The Quality of the televised undercard.
3. The Quality of the crowd and excitement level.
4. The Officials performance.
5. The Commentator performance.

Each of the five criteria will be rated with a points system as defined below:

A rating of five (5) will equal EXCELLENT. A rating of four (4) will equal Very Good. A rating of three (3) will equal Satisfactory. A rating of two (2) will equal Unsatisfactory. A rating of one (1) will equal Poor. A rating of zero (0) will equal GARBAGE.

The total sum of scores for the five points of judging criteria will be divided by five (5). The result, which will be rounded off, will produce an overall score for the TV production and viewing experience of the event.

“Our new rating system for boxing on TV will finally make the TV networks and promoters accountable for the product they are giving the boxing fan”, stated Bill Calogero, AKA Billy C.

Billy C continued, “Boxing is the only sport that’s not accountable for the product we ultimately are paying for. It’s time for the networks and promoters to make sure they are giving boxing fans a worthy product on TV. We came up with our system so the overall quality of the TV product, and ultimately the viewing experience, is scored and hopefully, the networks will strive to ensure they are scoring well. I believe that our new system will help keep the networks heading in the right direction. I think they owe the boxing fan that, especially if they want them to continue watching. It will also aid the fan in determining which networks to watch, based on their performance scores.”

The Billy C Boxing on TV rankings system will focus on all televised boxing events on PPV, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and CBS Sports television networks. The rankings can be found at under the TV Ratings section.