Arum Beats Pacquiao As Pac Routs Floyd Without A Punch

People have to establish whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a sportsman or a mere businessman in the Sweet Science. This we need to do in light of boxing as, first and foremost, a sport before it is business. Though, for Bob it’s undoubtedly pure business.

Can boxing be considered a sport today if put on scale? Like it or not, boxing must ever struggle to stand as a sport, or else we nullify history and dishonor great men in the past to give way to infamy in the name of almighty modern dollars. Boxing is not Pacquiao and Mayweather (and vice versa), but they so mirror what boxing is and what it is not these days.

Without competition, so-called athletes would either be just playing games for pleasure, exercising for health reason, or exhibiting his abilities for entertainment/profit. Competition is what makes any “sport” a sport. No contestant has the prerogative to pick his opponents in a game of competition. Otherwise the game will have to be categorized as about anything but a sport.

This wrote recently by boxing scribe and Floyd believer, Robbie Bannatyne: “In facing Pacquiao, the risk far outweighs the reward for Floyd, and concerns about long-term health will always prevail. Floyd Mayweather cannot be blamed for wanting to preserve his health. As he has already stated, ‘Money means nothing when you must walk with a limp for the rest of your life.’ Wiser articulate and intelligent Floyd Mayweather.”

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong for any person to handpick opponents or avoid competition, but only if he is engaged in any of the activities stated above. The beef is, American Floyd Mayweather is into boxing and boxing is a sport, and sport means competition. Worse, Mayweather claims to be The Best Ever (TBE) in boxing. And worst, jerks agree.

Who could be deaf and blind as the one who wouldn’t hear and see? Echoes and shadows merely signify that there is a message deep in the soul and a light shining out in the open finding its way into your life.

Pac and Floyd have been knocking around tricky, thorny paths that could lead them to undesirable destinations as individuals and top boxers. Do the people and fans have to do boycott again (bigger and defiant) in their succeeding fights versus different foes?
Manny Pacquiao’s fault is no longer Bob Arum.

Every person should give an account of himself for the decisions and actions he made. Other than himself, nobody grips and controls Pacman’s free will. Not Arum. Not even God. The decisions are his to make. The Lord guides and is being merciful but He won’t drive nor manipulate anyone. Whether you spend life in paradise or in the pit, through sound judgment or by other people’s trickiness, it’s your choice.

This is why salvation hangs on Calvary to this day and it hinges on the sinner’s own volition whether or not it can be fully his any moment he decides. Accept Christ or reject Him is something that only you can do. Nobody ever goes to heaven or hell on account of other people’s decision and action. You’re in charge.

Hence Arum doesn’t have something to do with Pacquiao anymore notwithstanding the latter’s decision to stay in Arum’s stable. Responsibility in their camp to make the “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” now wholly rests on Pacquiao and his manager. But other than Michael Koncz and a few jerks, who or what could have influenced Pacquiao to “wisely” extend his contract with Top Rank? Talk about will and gluttony.

Nonetheless, for Floyd: Fight Pacman despite the “astute” promoter because it could be the wisest decision you may ever make in boxing by which the reward far outweighs the risk, not the other way around. It’s the best choice wherein you surely can’t be accused of cherry picking an opponent and through which legions of your detractors could magically fall for you, or be transformed overnight into becoming your fans or lovers.

The boxer you scoff as a “midget” is the same boxer that will bring you purse far higher than what you have earned from any of your previous fights; to secure your respectable and lofty place in the sport’s annals with no critic or hater questioning it.

Waste not your accomplishments in the ring, Floyd, though your perfect record doesn’t speak for what it wants to portray. Those who push you and Pacquiao to fight other boxers without doing enough to make you fight each other are not helping y words have never been said by the you and the sport.

Heed legacy and true greatness as you approach retirement. Don’t let the Filipino icon beat you without a punch by refusing to fight him. The bout in limbo and the ongoing cold war are basically between you and the boxer you claim to be below your level, yet you dread.

Pacman is the one and only next choice you have by which all your issues in prize fighting can be addressed and solved. Tell that to Ellerbe and Haymon if they love you. Be encouraged that a great many in the world who follow boxing, including yours truly, believe in the boxer in Floyd Mayweather – the one who fights, not cherry picks.
Manny Pacquiao’s line remains open 24/7.

Trust yourself.