Anthony Prescott faces Isaiah Wise on 6/29

Anthony Prescott, of Cherry Hill, NJ, has agreed to a rematch with Isaiah Wise, of North Philadelphia, following their terrific fight March 9 at the Parx Casino®.

The entertaining six-round junior middleweight fight will serve as the semifinal to the eight-round main event of Xcite Fight Night 2 between flyweights Miguel Cartagena, of Philadelphia, PA, and Carlos Maldonado, of Los Angeles, CA, at Parx Casino® on Friday, June 29. The seven-fight card begins at 7:30 pm.

The following is a training-camp update from each of the fighters on this Friday’s triple header.

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Q: When you were first presented with the rematch with Isaiah Wise, what were your thoughts?
A: My initial thought was: Sure! I fought a lot of guys that I would love to fight again, so I let him get his rematch. The fight was too close to my liking anyway.

Q: What does this rematch do for you?
A: If I beat Isaiah again, who knows. I got my face on a poster for once, after 20 fights! That’s a start.

Q: How did you prepare for this fight differently, or did you?
A: Yes, I stepped it up. I’m working harder. I know he’s trying to revenge a loss and coming with it. I’m not going to sleep on it. I want to be more impressive and beat him decisively this time. I know I won the first fight. But it was too close.

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Q: What advantages do you feel you have over Wise that will enable you to beat him again?
A: My experience. I know he’s younger and strong, but I’m more experienced.

Q: What are your thoughts on Wise as a fighter?
A: He’s a tough guy, relentless and I know he’s going to come with it. That’s why I’m training the way I’m training. It’s going to be a good rumble.

Q: Were you confident going into the first fight knowing they were using you as a stepping stone?
A: I came into the fight with a 7-8 record. That is pretty much how it goes for me. Every time I’m in somebody’s yard, that’s how it is. I wasn’t even asked to sell tickets. I know what that means. They just wanted me to show up. That’s less pressure for me.

Q: After the knockdown (in the second round), did you ever feel you were in control or losing control of the fight?
A: After the knockdown, I just wanted to keep level-headed and stay in control. Previously, I’ve knocked people down and went wild and gassed myself out. This time, I tried to maintain and stick to the game plan. In the later rounds he caught me a couple times, but I was in control. I stuck to the game plan and that’s what the judges saw.

Q: How do you foresee the rematch playing out?
A: This fight will be a little more composed in the beginning and then it will turn into a war again. Our styles make for a good fight. I’m bringing my A-game.

NICK ROSARIO, trainer of Anthony Prescott
Q: Why did you guys agree to the rematch?
A: We agreed to the rematch because the first fight was a great match up, but it seemed like unfinished business. Anthony has another set of gears that he did not tap into in the last fight, but I believe in this fight it will be the difference.

Q: How important is it for Prescott to beat Wise again?
A: Every fight is important at this point in Anthony’s Career, but I believe the pressure in this fight is on Isaiah Wise. With his inability to solve the puzzle that is Anthony Prescott and with Anthony still having many more levels to showcase in this fight I believe we have some business to finish.

Q: Why was this rematch so important to you? Why did you want it?
A: I wanted it because I lost, but I didn’t feel like I lost. But it doesn’t matter. There are three judges that have more power than I do. I want to prove that I can beat this guy. I want to get my victory. I feel like I won the fight the first time. I need to prove this to myself.

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Q: What happened in the first fight?
A: After the knockdown, I wanted to get him back. I wanted to finish the fight. I lost my cool. I lost my focus. I went off strategy. The first time I got knocked down in my career, I came back and stopped the guy. In the fight with Prescott, I got knocked down and went the distance and I lost. Now I know what to expect. I know how to recover. I don’t have to swing for the fences. I must stick to my game plan. The knockdown was the deciding factor in the fight.

Q: Would it have been better to take an easier fight first before the rematch?
A: No! An easier fight for what? That’s not going to do me any good. I’m not here for the easy way. If I was, I wouldn’t be signed to Russell Peltz.”

Q: Have you watched the first fight? Have you seen anything on him to be able to prepare for him better?
A: Yes. Definitely. But I can’t tell you [laughter]. I will be better prepared. It won’t be an easy fight for either one of us.

Q: What are your thoughts on Prescott as a fighter?
A: He’s experienced. He knew how to survive when he was hurt. He has more fights than I have. He’s very awkward. But I need that.

Q: Which advantages do you feel you have over Prescott that will enable you to beat this time?
A: I’m more skilled and I have more tools in the shed than he does. This fight, I plan on using them all.

Q: Have you done anything differently in this camp?
A: There’s a next level of intensity for sure.

Q: Tell us about training with Terrence Crawford in Colorado Springs? What did you take from that experience?
A: I saw with my own two eyes why Terrence he is the #1 fighter in the world. He’s very dedicated to his craft. He is a human being. He has a family and responsibility, but when it comes time to box, he’s 100% committed. Being out there taught me that boxing is a lifestyle. You have to be committed mentally and physically. That was the biggest thing that I took from going there. The experience has helped me and I’m more focused now. When it is time to fight, it is time to fight.

Q: What does a win do for you?
A: You’re only as good as your last fight. A win will show me and everyone that I am an up-and-coming prospect from Philly. I have to beat a 50/50 fighter.

WALT MOURA, trainer of Isaiah Wise

Q: Was it a mutual desire and decision between you and Isaiah to rematch Prescott?
A: Yes, we wanted the rematch. We thought that he was so close to the win. We had to get the rematch as soon as possible.

Q: Have you watched the first fight?
A: We watched it together and I’ve watched it several times. We had a great game plan for the first fight. He must stick to it. He got drawn into the crowd instead of fighting his fight. He has such a strong fan base. They encourage him to try to land the big heavy shots. But, being more technical will help him get the guy out of there. That was his second time knocked down in a fight. In the corner, I tell him, it’s over, don’t go after the guy. He has to follow instructions. You’re not going to get the knockdown back. He fights emotional. With maturity that will come.

Q: Have you done anything different this camp with Isaiah? Tell us about this camp.
A: Isaiah was in Colorado Springs with Terrence Crawford. He really liked it and we’ve incorporated some things into our camp that he acquired out there. Crawford taught Isaiah to be calm and composed. I think that will help Isaiah the most.