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Anthony Hardy continues to grow support; moves to 4-0

On May 17th, Wraith Promotions showcased a night of boxing at the Leisure Centre in Gateshead.

Tickets sold well, and a raucous crowd made the night special for Anthony Hardy, who climbed to 4-0 in front of his amassed supporters, and won his second fight in the Junior Welterweight division.

Behind a spearing southpaw jab and hard left hand, Hardy overcame his opponent, 5-58-2 Ibrar Riyaz. The Horden boxer judiciously used his height and reach advantages to control the fight from the outside, and punish Riyaz for any offensive attempts.

Ringside reporter Nathan Orr referred to Hardy as the night’s “fan favourite”, also pointing out that while Hardy saw some nervous moments early, he seized the action in the latter rounds, nearly stopping Riyaz, who has only been stopped three times in his career, which spans 65 ring appearances since his 2008 pro debut.

Hardy is already set for his return, and it will be at the place that hatched his pro-career in July of last year — The Stadium of Light!

Home to Sunderland FC, the Stadium of Light once again hosts boxing. The yearly “Summer Rumble” has drawn exceptional crowds in recent years, and this one should be no exception. Anthony hopes to make it a perfect 5-0 on July 13th!