Amir Khan/Luis Collazo Ready To Battle It Out

LUIS COLLAZO, WBA International Welterweight Champion

“This is a fight that could take me to another level in the welterweight division, and I’m just very humbled by the opportunity. May 3 is going to be a great night of boxing.

“Khan’s got great speed, but I think he might be a little bit slower than Andre Berto was, and that was a big fight for me. Come fight night we’ll definitely see if his speed is going to be a factor or not.

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“If he takes me lightly, more power to him. But come fight night I’m just going to try to capitalize on all his mistakes. That’s my main thing, and I’m just working my butt off. I’m working hard to give all fans what they want, a great and exciting show.

“Sometimes all fighters are vulnerable. We all make mistakes. We’re not perfect, but that’s why different styles make beautiful fights and I’m just going to try to capitalize to the best of my ability.

“Khan is a great fighter, he’s been on top of the game quite some time now, and to be able to get this fight, it’s great. This is just getting me closer to where I really want to be, at the top of the welterweight division.

“I’ve been the underdog all my life, all my fights I was the one trying, the next fighter to step up. He’s coming to the welterweight division. I’m more than happy to welcome him to this weight class.

“You’ve got to go in there to take care of business, and you’ve got to be careful with how you’re taking shots. If you know you’re taking shots and the refs think you’re hurt, keep it moving, don’t stay there and keep getting those shots, and just be smart. I learned a lot from my previous fights and I’m just grateful for all the experiences that I have.

“From the Ricky Hatton fight I learned that anything could happen. And from the Victor Ortiz fight, I learned don’t leave it to the judges. I learned a lot and I’m just very excited and humbled by this opportunity. And come May 3 I’m just going to keep giving the boxing fans what they want, some more excitement.”

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AMIR “KING” KHAN, Former Unified Super Lightweight World Champion

“I’m looking forward to the big fight against Luis Collazo. It’s my first fight at 147. I’m excited, I really believe that I belong in the welterweight division; it’s going to be my division for my future career.

“I really believe we can steal the show, and that’s all we want to do. Whenever I fight I want to give it 100 percent. I want to give the fans what they want to watch, and I really believe that this fight could be the one that could steal the show on the night.

“We’ve been working on just being patient, being smart, using the feet and the hands at the right time, using the defense and the offense at the right time, and my trainer Virgil Hunter has been changing me up. He’s making me understand the sport of boxing.

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“This is a tough sport when you go into the ring with the likes of these tough guys like Collazo, and the fighters that you’re going to be facing, you have to be 100 percent ready. So I really believe I’ll be a better fighter at 147, I’ll be stronger, and I’ll keep a lot of my energy and strength and power in the shots.

“You’ll definitely see a different Amir Khan coming into this fight because I’ve had a lot of time to work on things, and work on new strategies, and also work with my trainers, Virgil Hunter and also my strength conditioner, Tony Brady. So, I know I’m going to be ready in this division, and I can’t wait to step in the ring.

“Collazo’s a one-of-a-kind fighter. He has his own style. I respect the way he fights and he always causes big problems to his opponents, and he does really well in the ring. I’m not going to compare him to any opponent I’ve faced before.

“Physically I think I’m a better fighter, and like I said, moving up to the next weight category is only going to make me a better fighter. We don’t want to go in and take easy fights, we want to fight the best out there, and it shows that Luis Collazo is one of the best out there by knocking out Victor Ortiz in his last fight, and proving himself.

“I really believe that I needed a long break off, and taking that time off sometimes makes you metaphysically and mentally a better fighter. I expect time will tell; we’ll see how much I’ve become a better fighter on the night of the fight.

“[On Collazo’s knockout of Victor Ortiz] It shows that he’s got power, he’s got speed, he’s got great movement. This is going to be a good fight, it’s going to be a tough fight. We’re going to be up against a tough Collazo; even the fights he’s lost, Collazo’s been very, very close.

“It’s all about putting a great performance on, putting a great fight on and giving the crowd what they want. The fans want to see a good fight, the fans want to see an exciting fight, and I think us two, the two styles we have will make this fight very exciting, and very good to watch.”