Alfie Di Carlo opens up on training World rated Liam Paro and Australian Champion Justin Frost

The Di Carlo family is an established dynasty in Australian Boxing. It’s a family business headed up by Aussie Boxing stalwart Angelo Di Carlo, who heads the promotional arm of the ACE Boxing Group, it was likely natural that some Alfie, a former amateur standout would follow his father into the professional game.

Alfie transitioned into the professional side of the sport in a training capacity, and he opened up about how his move into training happened.

He said, “I boxed as an amateur and gained some great experience in the amateurs and boxed some top-class talent. I always felt I had a better eye for boxing than I had for competing, so I decided to start learning my craft as a trainer.

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“I’ve spent years and years homing it, as being a trainer is more than just preparing a workout for a fighter. You have to mentally and physically get them prepared. You have to take care of these fighters, they put their lives in your hands, so you have to educate and prepare yourself correctly as a trainer to do the best job you can for a fighter.”

“I’m very grateful to have been blessed with several champions in my training career already. Liam Paro sits at number 2 in the world and has held multiple IBF and WBO regional titles and Justin Frost he the Australian title at super lightweight. He fights on the sold out show on September 5 at the Eaton Hill Hotel.”

As stated, Alfie Di Carlo trains rising super lightweight and Australian Champion Justin Frost alongside world number 2 Liam Paro. Di Carlo discussed his hopes for the Queensland pair.

Trainer Di Carlo stated, “I’ve got really high hopes for both Liam and Justin. They have a great work ethic and they’re constantly improving. It’s a real pleasure to see their progression and their future is exciting.

“Liam Paro is on the cusp of a world title. We’ve been chasing the Jack Catterall fight. I really like that fight and it would make a great fight for a version of the world title as the pair sit at number 2 and 1 in ratings respectively.

“Justin fights on the sold out ACE Boxing show at the Eaton Hill hotel. I’m really excited for him to show off his improvements against a very game challenger. It’s going to be a great day and night of boxing and I’m really happy that ACE Boxing have been able to facilitate two events in a day and out to that her some great matchmaking.”

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