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After 12 Months London ABA Champion Khalid Gets His Professional Licence

A year to wait for a professional boxing licence seems like a lifetime for the boxer and this is something that talented Welterweight Jabran (JB) Khalid has had to ensure.
Its was back in May 2017 that Jabran decided that he wanted to join the paid ranks after a successful amateur career.

Jabran boxed at both established amateur clubs Finchley and Islington becoming ABA London Champion and was highly touted.

Many London based managers and promoters were eager for the signature of Jabran. After careful deliberation Jabran decided that Steve Goodwin was the man he wanted to guide his career. The forms were signed and September 23rd 2017 was the date set for the pro debut.

Then………. A blot from the blue. There was a problem with Jabran’s medicals. There were major concerns as to whether Jabran would ever be granted a professional boxing licence. Jabran and the Goodwin team kept in regular contact and Jabran never gave up hope. Specialist reports were needed and supplied. “The British Boxing Board are the finest in the business” said Jabran “They are only interested in the safety of boxers and I appreciate they are doing it in mine and the sports’ best interests” said Jabran at the time.

Then finally April 2018 and he has finally been given the go ahead as a professional boxer “A relief is an understatement” said Jabran “I believe I can be come a World Champion and the thought I may never get that chance was really hard to deal with.”

Now that the go ahead has been given Jabran is ready to go. “The Goodwin team were great during the year long period and we kept in contact. I am due to relocate to Yorkshire and the plan is to box in Yorkshire and also in Londo
At 23 years of age Jabran still has time “I am so delighted that finally we will get to see Jabran in the ring” said manager Steve Goodwin. “I am so excited for the road ahead. Jabran is so talented and joins a great team here at Goodwin Boxing. A future champion for us….100 per cent”

AIBA welcomes the IOC‘s recognition of progress

Thursday, 3rd May 2018 – Lausanne, Switzerland: The International Boxing Association has taken note of the announcement of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) this evening and is pleased that the positive changes made in the last months with regards to its governance were recognized by the IOC Executive Board.

AIBA will continue to work hard and collaborate with the IOC while moving forward to establishing itself as a model governing body. As such, AIBA will await the IOC’s written confirmation of the decisions taken by the IOC EB to determine its next steps.

Tom Virgets, AIBA Executive Director said: “The whole AIBA organisation has been working extremely hard in the last few months and we are very pleased that these efforts and results have been recognized by our colleagues at the IOC. In line with our commitment to transparency, we look forward to sharing the submitted report with all of our members as soon as possible. This is a new AIBA and we are fully committed to putting into action the values of Boxing and the Olympic Movement.”

AIBA is currently undertaking a complete organizational review, which includes input from the IOC Report as well as input from all of AIBA’s stakeholders and will lead to the ‘New Foundation Plan’ for AIBA. This plan and the recommendations produced will be discussed during the AIBA Executive Committee meeting in July.