WATCH LIVE: Paul vs. Woodley FITE TV Live Stream – Dec 18

Paul vs. Woodley II, titled Leave No Doubt, will be the main event on SHOWTIME PPV, live from AMALIE Arena in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday, December 18 (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT).

Jake Paul, Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury - Press Room

Jake Paul

“This is boxing, right? These types of things happen and it’s unfortunate. But it’s still going to be a massive fight just like it was last time. There are celebrities coming out left and right, some are even more excited to see me fight Tyron again. There are unanswered questions. That’s why the slogan for the fight is ‘Leave No Doubt’.

“I’ve gotten so much better in this training camp. I’m going to leave no doubt. I want to knock this guy out. We can move on from there but for the Fury’s, it’s an embarrassment. They said, ‘Oh, we’ll fight Jake with a broken rib. We’ll fight Jake with a chest infection. We’ll fight Jake with our arms tied behind our backs.’ And then when it actually came time to fight me, they pulled out.

“I got the news early Friday morning. My manager Nakisa had already spoken to Tyron, who was willing to step up. I believe later that evening or the next day we already had the contract signed from Tyron.

“I definitely respect Tyron for stepping in. He has balls. Tyron deserves a lot of credit for stepping in here. But I’ve made a ton of adjustments and he’s going to be fighting a different person December 18. I’m excited to show him and the world that.

“For me, the biggest thing to gain is proving people wrong from last time that thought he won, which is hilarious. Including the judge who made it a split-decision. Clearly, he was at some different fight. But now I’m going to back that up and go and knock this guy out. It just goes to show when I say any one, any time, any place, I mean it. Most fighters aren’t like that. For me to take whoever, wherever, whenever this early on in my career doing eight-round fights in my fifth fight, it’s unheard of. People just need to realize how serious I take this and how a lot of these other professional fighters don’t train as hard as me. They’re not as prepared as me.

“I’ve fought with a broken nose. I’ve fought sick. The list goes on. Last fight against Tyron, I had a hyperextended elbow. Didn’t say anything. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. I’m still going to go in there and find a way to win. That’s my motivation. Win.

“Tyron was the immediate go-to. He had been training and last fight was massive and had a ton of hype around it. There were unanswered questions so he was really the perfect person to throw in there.

“The story has been people making excuses every which way about my fights. I sort of don’t care what people have to say or if the respect is there. The bottom line is I have to go in and knock this guy out. That’s my job and I plan on doing so.

“The show must go on. I’ll fight anybody. Any one, any time, any place. I say that. Our team says that. I mean it. That’s the difference. What I say, I mean. I think a lot of these fighters say stuff just to say stuff. I have a responsibility to put on this fight for my fans. And every fighter on the undercard, imagine them getting a call that the fights cancelled. That sucks for everybody. I had to step up to the plate and I didn’t care who it was.

“I question everything about the Fury family. This kid is 22, right? You throw a 22-year-old in who has never accomplished anything himself. The only reason he’s anything is because of his brother. He’s had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole entire life. He’s gotten fame because of his brother. He’s never actually had a real opponent. He’s only ever been put in with people who were meant to lose. When you throw in that, you throw in the fact that you’re fighting me – I’m a scary guy to fight – the smack talk, the pressure, all of this, I think he cracked and tried to find a way out. I truly believe that in the deepest bones of my body.

“We changed up a lot of things in this training camp. A to Z. Last fight showed that I’m not just going in there and knocking Tyron out. There’s a lot of things to work on. I didn’t fight my best fight, for sure. It wasn’t even my best night. There was a lot of things to work on and we did that this camp. We went ten times harder. I’ve sparred almost 200 rounds since that fight. Changed up a lot of details. Diet. I stopped eating as many carbs. We brought in a nutritionist and he tweaked every little thing. I’m ten pounds lighter than I was going into the last fight so I’m feeling faster but also stronger at the same time.

“There’s been this rumor going around about a no knockout clause in my contracts, which someone started and everyone else ran with. People are like sheep. They just believe anything they read or see. That’s been a rumor that is completely untrue. I’d be in jail for rigging fights. It’s illegal. We just wanted to squash that rumor right away. From now on, we will be giving bonuses to my opponents if they can knock me out because we want to incentivize them and prove to the media and the world that all of these rumors aren’t true.

“The smart ones that did look into the rumor about drug testing saw that there is drug testing for this fight. The Florida State Athletic Commission is drug testing me and Tommy multiple times. There was never a denial on my end of doing any sort of drug test.

“Him pulling out of the fight does give me hesitation to fight him in the future. It really does. He didn’t show up to the press conference. Then he pulled out of the fight. He’s done a terrible job at promoting the fight that we had. He posted on social media once every other week. He’s not as hyped as everyone thought. I’m pissed off now. I don’t like them. I don’t like anything to do with that family. I don’t really see a reason to come back next year and give him that big of an opportunity and that big of a payday. It would almost be more fun and more satisfying for me to just leave him in the dust and make him fight until he’s 25-0, if he gets that far, to get the same payday that he was getting in his eighth fight.

“Amanda Serrano is great. She’s a superstar. We’re just excited to help her elevate her career to the next level because she’s putting in the work. She’s one of the greatest boxers ever, man or woman. Most Valuable Promotions is excited to work with her to give her the paydays that she deserves and to put her on that pedestal. That’s what she’s done so far. We’re eyeing a mega-fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano in 2022 so it’s exciting and we’re just looking to elevate this sport. Women’s boxing is a big passion of mine.”