Belgium boxing live stream on Sept 19

Belgium’s first boxing show after the lockdown will be hosted today, September 19th with a live stream available on Facebook. ‘After COVID’ boxing show will have two professional fights and 8 amateur fights in Wavre. The event will be promoted by Belgium’s biggest promoter 12 Rounds.

The Belgian League, which wishes to help with the relaunch of boxing in Belgium and to help clubs compensate for the lack of the fans restriction set at 200 people authorized an indoor event. The boxing event will be available to stream live also.

An initiative that offers everyone the opportunity to purchase a connection right to the event and to follow the various fights from home.

The first recordings will be made with reduced means but your support will allow us to return in full the amounts received directly by the LFB to the organizing clubs and subsequently if the project is successful, to increase the quality of the recordings each time.

Boxing promoter of 12 Rounds, Alain Vanackère said “This is the first boxing event after the lockdown in Belgium, I am happy to bring you this event, together for the resumption of sport, all together for the resumption of boxing!”

7:00 PM GT +1

07:02 Clement Rey 3×1 ‘Lucas Bareel

07:20 Morgane Paul 3×2 ‘Thalia Culot

07:35 Yassine Arfa 3×3 ‘Nicolas Durigneux

07:53 Bilal Kerimi 3×3 ‘Mohamed Bersani

08:11 Nathan Dujardin 3×2 ‘Generet Samuel

08:26 Mohamed Soufi 3×2 ‘Djelal Fazliu

08:41 Andrei Mogosanu 3×3 ‘Lharir Yassir

08:59 Matis Dekleermaecker 3×2 ‘Amory Collart

09:14 Bruno Jacobs 3×3 ‘Thomas Anong

09:32 Mohamed Khatib 3×2 ‘Toheed Asif

09:47 Anis Bens 3×2 ‘Johnathan Bila


10:02 Jan Helin 6×3 ‘Dario Borosa

10:33 Antoine Vanackère 6×3 ‘Filip Poturovic

Boxing fans can stream and support the event live on Facebook for only €5.49.