Klitschko Beats Brewster

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The press conference started about an hour after the fight. Wladimir and Emmanuel Steward arrived early, and Bernd Bonte, Wladimir's PR manager, opened press conference, and reminded everyone what this fight means in a brooder view. Before the journalists started asking questions, Wladimir addressed those who gathered. "I am sure that all of you want to hear what I thought about the fight.

Before I do that, I also want to address another question you might have. My loss to Lamon in 2004 damaged my image and my heart. I was hurt and I was eager. I waited for this fight for more than three years. It was very important to win this fight. Today, I could not and had no right to lose," Wladimir spoke. "I also want to thank my trainer Emanuel Steward, who celebrated his birthday tonight. My victory is the result of his hard work."

Wladimir continued, analyzing the fight. "Brewster was able to withstand my punches. Just like three years ago. He did everything possible. He struggled to the end. Three years ago Lamon gave me a postcard, on which these words were written - Lamon Brewster. Beat by Wladimir Klitschko. I kept it all this time, and I want to ask Brewster to autograph it for me."

lamon brewsterAfter Wladimir, the word was given to Emmanuel Steward. He was congratulated with his birthday by everyone in attendance at the press conference.

"It was my best birthday. Wladimir was ready for this fight, physically, functionally and most importantly psychologically. I have never seen Wladimir dominating in such a way," spoke Steward. "Wladimir once again proved why he is the best heavyweight in the world. The only question remains, who among the current champions will dare to challenge him?"

When he was asked by a reported about the lucky 7-7-7, Steward replied, "Yes, I predicted that Wladimir would win in the seventh round on July, 7, 07 but his corner ended the fight in the sixth."

Wladimir added, "I had no other option in this fight except for winning. I didn't think of the other fight. And even thought Lamon did try everything possible it wasn't enough. Lamon wasn't as fast in this fight as he should have been. My sparring partners were much quicker, since most of them are in the lower weight class. Besides I was able to see all of his punches, while his own defense was far from perfect."

lamon brewsterWhen asked about such a strange end to the fight, Wladimir responded, "To tell you the truth, I was surprised by Lamon's agreement to end the fight, but it was his decision to make. I am very glad to win this fight and now I can close one of the most unpleasant chapters in my professional career."

At this time Lamon and Buddy McGirt joined everyone at the post fight press conference. They were about fifteen minutes later. Before their arrival it was already announced that Lamon once again injured his left eye, as well as his lower jaw.

"Wladimir was obviously more stronger tonight. I did everything that I could. I was sure that I could move in and land punches, but I wasn't able," spoke Lamon. He thanked everyone for such a warm welcome in Germany.

When he was asked about the stoppage, Lamon answered, "I wanted to continue and finish the seventh round. A fighter should be ready to fight to the end. But I perfectly understand the risk and dangers involved. Wladimir was obviously better. Buddy warned me that he would stop the fight. At the end of sixth round, he told me, that he had to stop the fight. It was for my sake, as well as my family's.and I agreed with him!"

Lastly, McGirt, Lamon's trainer addressed the media.

"I'm sure that everyone saw that Wladimir was obviously more stronger than Lamon. Already in the third round it was obvious that the longer this fight would drag on, the greater the chance for Wladimir to knockout Lamon. Wladimir was on a mission in this fight. I told Lamon several times, that if he doesn't turn things around, I would stop the fight. After the fifth round I told him that he needs to change his strategy or he would get knockout. But Lamon took too much punishment from the Klitschko and was unable to change anything. I made the decision to stop the fight, as Wladimir started to pursue a knockout win. I didn't want my fighter to risk his life."

Press conference ended with Wladimir answering a question about his future fight.

"I want to take a short break and then I'll start training for my next fight. Most likely it will take place at the end of this year in the United States. Who will be my next challenger or would it be a unification fight I really can't tell right now. It's too early to talk about this."

Wladimir and Lamon departed, and press conference officially ended.

Klitschko/Brewster: The big jab-down

wladimir klitschko07.07.07 - By Ted Sares: “Wladimir by stoppage. Savage redemption.” That was my documented prediction (I’m 4-1 going into tonight), but I’m not so sure that’s what I saw. Stoppage, yes; savage, not really because not enough rights or left hooks landed to make it savage. Still it was a thorough beating.

I have seen beat-downs, but this was the first jab-down I have witnessed since Holmes-Ledoux. At least 165 jabs landed on poor Brewster’s unprotected face. Buddy McGirt was correct in stopping the fight given the possibility of further damage to Lamon’s eye. Still, I certainly expected more from “Relentless.” I suspect this may be the end for him as a serious contender.

Now anyone who can write a compelling story about such one-sided target practice deserves a Pulitzer. All this fight involved was one guy using the head of another for target practice with perhaps the best jab in the heavyweight division. It was repetitive and brutal. Nothing more, nothing less. No chess match, no exchanges, no stalking, no knockdowns. Just a good old fashioned beat down by way of the jab.

If I come away with anything from this fight, its that Klitschko is more relaxed, has better movement, knows how to throw the right lead without being countered, and has solid stamina. In short, he is fast becoming a more complete fighter. His jaw was never tested so that question remains unanswered, but heck, if he keeps his opponents at bay with the jab and finishes them off with a right, the issue is academic.

lamon brewsterWhat’s next is anybody’s guess. He can’t fight his brother and I don’t see anyone else out there except Sam Peter and maybe Oleg Maskaev. Surely, Sultan Ibragimov and Ruslan Chagaev are not going to beat him, at least in my opinion. Of course, the best fight for Wlad and for the fans might well be against Corrie Sanders, 42-3, who reportedly suffered an injury to his left hand in the first round of a fight he won against Brazilian Daniel Bispo two months ago.

Klitschko has passed his first test of redemption. If Corrie is fit and ready, let’s complete the exams.

Klitschko Is Back

by Paul Vincent: We all heard the whispers. The doubts. The naysayers; the haters. Yeah, sure, Wladimir Klitschko looked better under Emanuel Steward, they said. But so what? Did you see Samuel Peter knock him down 3 times? One good shot on the kisser and he’s done. Again. “No chin. No heart.” “Yeah, and why won’t he rematch the guys that beat him? He’s afraid.” Here’s Wladimir Klitschko’s response to his critics: Klitschko TKO 6 Brewster.

Remember when Wladimir looked like he was constantly on the verge of a panic attack? Or looked like his legs were those of a newborn fawn, just waiting to fall out from under him?

That’s gone now. Manny Steward has once again played the Wizard of Oz, giving another towering Tin Man a chin to go along with his impressive offensive skills. A little more clinching, a little less getting hit on the jaw. And once again, the heavyweight division has a shining star. A real one. One who is willing to go out and face his previous conquerors. Someone get Corrie Sanders off of the golf range -- time to start the roadwork for the massive South African.

This fight was simple. It really came down to one thing: Wladimir’s dominating left jab. All of the punishing blows came off of the jab. Right hands, left hooks, uppercuts. Brewster simply couldn’t penetrate the space Klitschko created with his constant left jab. To his credit, Lamon continued to work the body round after round, hoping to slow Klitschko as the fight wore on. Unfortunately for him, the fight would never enter into it’s second half.

As his fighter’s energy and spirit seemed to be slowly slipping, Buddy McGirt called the fight after the 6th round, with his fighter trailing 60-54 on any sensible card. It was a shutout, and there wasn’t anything to suggest Wladimir was going to tire or punch himself out as he did in Brewster-Klitschko I.

I don’t agree with the stoppage. I think it was too soon, particularly given Brewster’s style and Wladimir’s history. I think McGirt acted too soon. But I do understand it. McGirt was at ground zero of what everyone else either just saw or is about to find out:

The ‘old’ Wladimir Klitschko? He’s gone. He’s been replaced by a poised, destructive offensive machine who now understands pacing and tying-up his opponent when he needs a rest.

People wanted a heavyweight ‘savior.’

Here he is.

“Anything you say can and will be used against you’ in the court of boxing opinion”


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