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Shannon Briggs says he’s been in talks with Warren for a fight with Fury; says he’s nobody’s tune-up!

Shannon Briggs has taken to social media (again) to announce how he has been in talks with promoter Frank Warren regarding a bout between he and the possibly set to return Tyson Fury. It goes without saying that absolutely nothing is close to close to concrete as far as these two great talkers are concerned (will Fury ever fight again? Will Briggs get a license to box in the UK himself?) but Briggs is eager to be the first man Fury faces upon his will-it-won’t-it-happen comeback.

Briggs, adding a doctored photo to his Instagram babble, sorry, message, in which he is pictured standing over a fallen Fury, says that he is no-one’s tune-up and that he will punish Fury if and when they fight.

“In a talks with Frank Warren about giving me @gypsyking 101 a good ole ass whippin. Frank seems to think I’m going to be a simple tune-up fight before a later fight with @anthonyjoshua I had to explain to the old geezer @frankwarren_official that he ain’t getting past me and that if he referred to me as a tune-up again I would punish @piesyonFury slow and ruin him.”

You get the gist of what Briggs – who will be able to box again later this month after serving a suspension for testing positive for an illegal substance – means, don’t you? In all honesty, if – and it’s one big, gigantic if – Fury does return and he faces Briggs in his tune-up, sorry, Shannon, return fight, then we’d all watch it. Briggs feels he has the size, the style and the experience to be able to “bully a guy like Fury.”

“You have to run up on a big guy like Fury and pummel him,” Briggs says. “He’s the type of guy who’s strong and determined but he’s slow. My plan is to win the title and give back to the world by traveling – I’m the real gypsy – and spread positive energy to the people.”

What is it Mike Tyson once famously said: ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!’ But can Fury get himself back in shape, get a license and be able to punch anyone in the mouth? Briggs is sure hoping so.