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Peter Fury Refuses To “Betray” Tyson Fury, Says No Way To Hughie Sparring Wilder!

In what would certainly have added extra spice, not to mention needle, to the upcoming heavyweight rumble between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, it has been revealed how Team-Wilder tried to lure in Hughie Fury, cousin of Tyson, to spar with “The Bronze Bomber.” Jay Deas, speaking with FanSided, said that the only heavyweight out there who can adequately imitate Tyson’s unique style is Hughie.

Not too long ago, Tyson and Hughie had a reported falling out, and it did come as a surprise when Tyson left long-time trainer Peter, the father of course of Hughie. But despite this possible tension in the family, Peter said no way would he “betray” Tyson by allowing his son to help Wilder take him down in their big WBC title fight.

Jay Deas, trainer of the 40-0(39) Wilder tried to secure Hughie as a sparring partner for Wilder:

“I was wondering if Hughie Fury would come. I don’t know his relationship with Tyson at the moment,” Deas told FanSided. “I could put a feeler out to see if Hughie would be on board with coming over. The problem would be is he [Hughie] a double agent? The point is, you’re not going to get anyone that does what Fury does [in the ring] other than his cousin.”

Hughie, almost as tall as Tyson, does box somewhat similarly to his cousin and maybe he sparring Wilder would have helped the WBC champ to figure out a game-plan with which to beat Tyson. But to no avail: Peter says no way will he allow this to happen; that family loyalty means too much to him:

“We leave the betrayal to others. There is enough in this sport already,” Peter said.

It will prove interesting to see just who Wilder WILL use as his chief sparring partner as he readies himself for the unpredictable Fury. Then again, the exact same thing could be said of Fury – who will HE find to adequately imitate Wilder, Wilder being just as unpredictable a fighter as Fury is.

Not too long to go now until this fascinating clash of styles goes down.

As for Hughie, he has his own big fight to look forward to with that IBF elimination bout with Kubrat Pulev in October.