Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV: is it just for the Money?

By ESB - 09/19/2012 - Comments

Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV: is it just for the Money?By Robert Jackson: Since 2004 up until the present, fight fans around the world have been treated to 3 fights between antagonists Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez; and since 2004 neither man has separated himself from the other. All 3 fights followed the same script, and with the exception of 3 knockdowns – they were close give and take fights with Pacquiao doing the fighting and Marquez doing the boxing.

In many fight fans and critics eyes this 4th fight is unnecessary and not needed; what will they prove? Both men are claiming that they will KO the other but at this point it seems as if a silent agreement has been made between these two. Fight #4 could turn out to be another sparring session where one fighter defends while the other fighter tries to get his punches in and then they’ll switch roles.

The tempo and pace will be the same like it’s always been: high speed chess (they’ll try), and at fight’s end half of the observers will claim Pacquiao as the victor the other ½ will claim Marquez. And don’t forget the judging that many would say has been awful, where valid arguments could be made that any of the 3 fights could’ve been scored another way.

In terms of competition, “The Thrill is Gone”, these guys are so evenly matched what do either have to prove against the other?? Marquez may NEVER get an OFFICIAL win over his nemesis, he may just have to settle for the moral victories – unofficial claims of victory he’s made in each of the previous fights. And Pacquiao looks to have slowed quite a bit, probably based off of the tough fights he’s had over the duration of his career. They’ll probably both look OLD come December 8th.

Here’s the kicker…in terms of money for Pacquiao, outside of Mayweather or Cotto this is as good as it gets! We know the story with Mayweather, Cotto wasn’t weight draining himself to become a Pacquiao VICTIM yet again, and Bradley wasn’t a option due to the 700K PPV buys the 1st Pacquiao/Bradley fight did, which would probably be MUCH less for the rematch. Arum would’ve had to pay Pacquiao out of his own pocket for that rematch! So it came down to Marquez, Pacquiao’s team believe with Pacquiao fans and Marquez fans on-board they can recreate the magic and as it was BEFORE make money off of this 4th fight. This writer isn’t doubting that money will be made, it WILL, but just not the AMOUNT of money that fight #3 made! This fight will do between 750K – 1M PPV buys only because we’ve seen it before!