Nigel Benn Posts “Comeback” Video On Social Media: “I’m Back, One More Time”

A couple or so years ago, British boxing legend Nigel Benn, a former world champion at both middleweight and super-middleweight, let it be known he was in training for a third fight with either Chris Eubank or Steve Collins. Nothing came of it, as plenty of skeptical fight fans said would be the case, yet now, 55 year old Benn has posted an interesting video on social media.

Benn, looking it has to be said, like a man many years younger than he actually is, is filmed as he is put through his paces in a gym and then, covered in sweat, Benn says directly into the camera: “20 years, I’m back, I’m ready, one more time. I feel good, see you soon.”

Attached to the video are the words: ‘He’s back, I wonder who he will face? Joe Calzaghe? Roy Jones Jr? Bernard Hopkins? Chris Eubank? Steve Collins? Carl Froch? Someone else?’

The big question is, is there anything to this or is Benn merely having a laugh or teasing us? In today’s more than crazy world, anything can happen – especially in the sport of boxing. Ask yourself this, would you really, truly be shocked if Benn announced how he had obtained a license to box in the U.S, and that Roy Jones Jr was his upcoming opponent? Jones, as it seems to be the case with Benn, has had a hard, hard time calling it quits and extinguishing all thoughts of returning to the ring. Jones and Benn never met in the 1990s, could it be about to happen now, in 2019 or 2020?

We all know we’d watch, perhaps begrudgingly, if the fight did happen. Of the other names listed as “possibilities,” fellow Brit Carl Froch spoke recently of how he has been back in the gym and that he has at least entertained the idea of fighting again. This fight seems even less likely than a Benn-Jones seniors smash, but who knows for sure?

Collins, around the same age as Benn and the man who ended the career of “The Dark Destroyer” with two consecutive wins over his rival back in 1996, has expressed recent interest in fighting again. Just what will happen we can only guess.

Benn does looks to be in quite astonishing physical condition – for a man of 55 especially. Is the man who gave us so many classic battles, against the likes of Gerald McClellan, Iran Barkely, Doug DeWitt, Michael Watson and Eubank (X2) really determined to do it “one more time?”

Can anyone stop him if he is?