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Manuel Charr vs. Alexander Povetkin on May 30th in Moscow

“Diamond Boy” Manuel Charr is heading to Moscow again to face former world champion Alexander Povetkin on May 30th for the WBC international heavyweight championship. “This will be an awesome fight”, says Charr. “I am very proud that I got invited to fight Povetkin and reached an agreement with his handlers. This is my big chance to get in line for another world title shot. The winner will move up the WBC ratings to a top position. And one thing I know for sure: If I can beat Povetkin in Moscow, I can and will definitely go on to do what I promised Don José Sulaiman years ago: I will become heavyweight champion of the world!”

Charr and Povetkin know each other well from their time as training partners at Sauerland Event in Berlin. In the meantime both men left Sauerland and go their own ways: Manuel Charr is promoting under the banner “Diamond Boy Promotion” while Alexander Povetkin joined Russian oligarch Andrey Ryabinsky who granted him a world title fight against unified champion Wladimir Klitschko in Moscow last year which Povetkin lost by unanimous decision. Charr also had the chance to face a Klitschko in Moscow for a world title when he challenged Wladimir’s elder brother Vitali for the WBC crown in September 2012. The fight was stopped because of a cut over Charr’s eye. The “Diamond Boy” still claims that he was robbed and that he could have continued.

“I know Moscow and Moscow knows me”, states Charr. “That’s why I immediately accepted the offer. I will not feel like fighting abroad. I have so many fans and friends in Moscow that I will turn this into my home crowd. And of course, I am traveling with a big team and entourage. Together we will conquer Moscow, beat Povetkin, bring the WBC international championship back to Germany and then go on to become world champion. This fight is the key.”

Charr and his trainer team with Patrick Dobroschi and Clive Salz have four weeks left to get ready and in shape for the bout. “We will only have a rather short camp but I am still in shape from my fight against Kevin Johnson on April 12th so I won’t have any problems”, says the “Diamond Boy”. “I promise to all of my fans that I will be in the best shape ever. It will be an epic battle and I will win it!”