Canelo vs Golovkin – Abel Sanchez Wants It Sooner Rather Than Later

There are quite a few figures in boxing who are never short of something to say, one of the most vocal being veteran trainer Abel Sanchez, -for whom Gennady Golovkin is the latest of the world champions he has cornered.

Ahead of Golovkins upcoming 160lb bout with Boxcino tournament winner Willie Monroe Jr on Saturday, Sanchez has spoken to about the seemingly inevitable clash with Mexican superstar Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in the wake of Saturday’s destruction of James Kirkland.

Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya said recently that he would wish to wait two years before matching his young fighter with the murderous punching Kazakh, although Sanchez – mindful of GGG’s advancing years (he’s 33) – wants the fight sooner rather than later.

Of last Saturday’s fight and Canelo’s destructive performance, he said;

“I thought Canelo looked great. He looked sharp, he looked good, he had a difficult, awkward style in front of him – got caught with a couple of shots but he was able to withstand it. I don’t think he was ever hurt.”

While I beg to differ regarding Kirkland’s awkward style – he was a tailor made punch bag for Alvarez – I do agree with his comment about Canelo and Golovkin’s styles gelling for a good little fight.

He said;

“I think the way that he fought that fight and the way that Gennady fights, it’ll be a spectacular fight next Spring or next Fall.”

Reminded of De La Hoya’s 2 year plan for the fight, Sanchez said;

“If it was up to Oscar the fight wouldn’t happen until 2020. I think the public (will) demand that – that’s the next big fight. We can’t wait like we did with Manny and Floyd. We have to make sure we get these guys together while they’re rising and not when they are – should I say, plateaued. It’ll be a great fight for Cinco De Mayo next year or Independence day in September.”

“By then Canelo will have had 3 or 4 more fights, so will Gennady and I think the build-up would be perfect.”

“We also have to remember Gennady is 33 years old so we don’t have that much time to – even though he hasn’t had that much abuse, I’d say he’s got 5 years – and I’d like to see that fight happen way before 5 years.”

So would the fans. The question is – will we???

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